Go anywhere with a
green screen.

Create an out-of-this-world experience and take your guests on a journey—your imagination is the only limit.

Choose your adventure with multiple backdrops.

Aura expands your possibilities, whether you’re dreaming up exotic locations or creating branded backdrops to supercharge your marketing.

Pose with a live view.

Aura works seamlessly with a green screen, so that you can see the results immediately on-screen—even while you’re posing. No second-guessing required.

How it works


You’re greeted by our assistant, who will help you and your friends take your photo or GIF. See yourself on screen as you’re posing.


Get your photo or GIF instantly, via email or SMS.


You and your friends will each get a print, within seconds.

You're backed by the industry's only service guarantee.

You can feel perfectly confident in working with us because we’re backing you with the industry’s only service guarantee. If we don’t meet the extremely high standards that we’ve set for ourselves, you’ll get your money back.

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