30 Creative Wedding Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love


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While your photographer will take many beautiful photographs on your wedding day, they will be primarily focused on you and the main events on the dance floor. So for everything fun that’s happening behind the scenes, that’s where the wedding photo booth comes in.

We’re not going to lie, the photo booth is usually something that guests look forward to at a wedding, which is why wedding planners and couples think about it carefully.

Should you go for a chic, rustic, or bohemian wedding photo booth? What about something interactive? The options are limitless!

Whether you will rent or make one for your special day, the ultimate goal is that it complements the overall design of your wedding. To assist you in making your decision, we’ve listed 30 creative wedding photo booth ideas to inspire you as you plan.

Idea #1: Green Wall

Credits: Valorie Darling Photography

Greenery blocks always add a modern edge and elegant look to any reception. Insert a neon tribute to your motto among the ferns and leafy greens for the ultimate wedding photo booth! Take this vibrant backdrop of a couple as an example. It’s practically a Hollywood-level step-and-repeat!

Idea #2: Minimalist Grey Backdrop

Credits: Stetten Wilson

A wedding backdrop does not always have to be extravagant. It only needs an aesthetic appeal and a consistent setting in front where guests can take photos.

Idea #3: Floral Backdrop

Credits: Unsplash

This is perfect for beach or garden weddings. A floral-festooned wedding photo booth is chic and could be set up in any location.

Idea #4: Polaroid Frame

Credits: Etsy

Who doesn’t adore Polaroid photographs? This is a portable wedding photo booth idea that allows guests to take photos in various locations. And the good thing about this idea is that you can add the names of the couple and the wedding date at the bottom.

Idea #5: Disposable Cameras

Credits: Pinterest

Go old-school with disposable cameras. This is the most cost-effective wedding photo booth alternative. Set these on tables or create a separate photoshoot corner with a fun backdrop for the ultimate photoshoot! Guests can easily snap pictures of each other without having to queue in a photo booth area. You can get them all developed after the event.

Idea #6: Photo Booth Bus

Credits: The Traveling Photo Bus

I’m sure your guests will be rushing to get their photos taken inside this retro-themed minivan photo booth. The minivan’s interior would make an excellent wedding photo booth, while the exterior would make a wonderful backdrop. And the best part is that it’s hassle-free because you can simply hire a mobile photo booth company to come to your reception, capture memories, and then drive away when it’s time to wrap things up.

Idea #7: Glittery Backdrop

Credits: Weddingwire

A shimmery backdrop is always a good choice for social events. It exudes elegance and is worthy of being featured on your guests’ social media feeds. If you don’t want anything too flashy, go with a simple white or ivory background that won’t draw too much attention in your reception venue.

Idea #8: Wedding Props

Credits: OLLI STUDIO NYC Wedding Photography & Cinematography

From moustache, sunglasses, hats to signages—props are always present at wedding photo booths. These bring out the silliest side of your guests. If you’re creative, you can make your own paper cutouts for a more personalised and budget-friendly prop collection.

Idea #9: Neon Sign

Credits: Love, Jules Photography

I can already hear the squeals of the party people at your wedding. Have your names, favorite song lyrics, or a catchphrase lit up on neon signage for a Las Vegas wedding vibe. Take note that the custom neon sign requires an outlet and that the fragile piece must be secured.

Idea #10: Kissing Booth

Credits: One Fab Day

This will transport your guests back to high school and add a bit of entertainment to the reception. A kissing booth as your wedding photo booth will be exciting for your single guests. Who knows, it might lead them to their soulmate.

Idea #11: Classic Photo Booth

Credits: Union Booth

This will bring a classic touch to your wedding reception venue. You won’t need to explain to guests how and what to do. But, these classic photo booths can only take close-up photos and not full-length ones.

Idea #12: Cutouts of Baby Pictures

Credits: Build A Head

In all honesty, this is possibly the cutest idea ever. It will pay homage to the newly-weds younger selves. Simply print your baby pictures, cut them out, and glue them to popsicle sticks.

Idea #13: Selfie Guest Book

Credits: LaShay Photography

This is another excellent way for guests to leave a keepsake for the wedding couple because they can simply snap a photo, place it in a book, and jot a note.

Idea #14: Green Arch

Credits: Pinterest

This works well with a variety of wedding decoration styles such as boho, beach, glam, vintage, and industrial—just to name a few.

Idea #15: Chalkboard Backdrop

Credits: Jenny Jimenez

A chalkboard backdrop for a wedding is a unique idea that will engage both the couple and the guests. Guests can write wishes, funny quotes, or drawings that reflect the personalities of the newlyweds on the board. This wedding photo booth is also inexpensive because all you need is a chalkboard and, if you desire, chalk paint or stickers.

Idea #16: Sitting Area

Credits: Unsplash

A sitting area as a photo booth backdrop will add a little decoration to the wedding reception. Guests can interact with the environment thanks to the furniture, lighting, rugs, and table accents. You’ll be surprised with the poses your guests can pull off with this wedding photo booth.

Idea #17: Marquee Lights

Credits: Etsy

Marquee lights will give your wedding a romantic vibe, and their beautiful and bright lights will entice your guests to participate in a photoshoot.

Idea #18: Balloon Installation

Credits: Balloonista

You might think that having balloons at your wedding is overrated because they are present at every other celebration. But with a refined approach, a balloon display can make an elegant frame to any wedding photo booth backdrop. A set of simple white balloons and confetti suit most weddings, but you can go for a more aesthetic design. Let your creative juices flow and design them according to your heart’s desire.

Idea #19: Hanging Lights

Credits: Pinterest

Hanging string lights is the perfect backdrop for evening photos. It creates a romantic atmosphere at the wedding reception and can also be used as additional decoration.

Idea #20: Swings

Credits: Brides Today

Wedding swings add a magical or enchanted kind of vibe to your wedding. It’s an excellent way for guests to take pictures while also being entertained. Just imagine a photo here with the bride’s gown waving in the wind. It will look absolutely stunning. You can put two or more swings if your reception is set in a garden with some trees.

Idea #21: Projector

Credits: Jacki Bruniquel

This is perfect for couples who are avid movie fans. You can record your love story and flash the photos on a projector screen. You can also change the picture motif for every guest. The projector alone serves many purposes: you can flash some video clips or photos of the wedding day to get the guests entertained while they eat. You can also use it for a bit of a wedding reception program.

Idea #22: Banner

Credits: Art of it

This is a simple wedding photo booth idea, but it’s a really effective one. You can set these up outdoors, at the reception, or another wedding venue. You can choose the look of the banner, but most wedding banners usually use a romantic style.

Idea #23: Shutters

Credits: Unsplash

This quaint and homey aesthetic decor has become a wedding staple. It gives guests a homey and comfortable feeling. The backdrop adds an elegant texture to the space, and you can also DIY this booth by painting it how you want it to look. You can also add flowers and other decorations.

Idea #24: Soft Drapery

Credits: Fab Mood

A soft drapery hanging from a tree or a stand can frame the landscape, allowing you to make the most of the venue you’ve chosen.

Idea #25: Lace Tent

Credits: Unsplash

A lace tent in a wooded area can make an excellent wedding photo booth if you’re into bohemian vibes.

Idea #26: Rustic Booth

Credits: Oh Best Day Ever

This is ideal for couples planning a barn wedding or a more casual outdoor wedding. Use a wooden fence and decor such as garden tools, wheels, and hay for the perfect wedding photo booth backdrop.

Idea #27: Night Sky

Credits: Buzzfeed

You can try this night sky style if you want something dreamy with a romantic touch for your wedding photo booth. Make your own night sky photo booth by creating a black background, decorating a swing with a large crescent, and adding small stars.

Idea #28: Hanging Frames

Credits: Apple Brides

When it comes to wedding photo booths, frames hung from trees are all the rage these days. This is because they add a vintage vibe to the venue and are ideal for chic-themed weddings. All you’ll need are a variety of old photo frames in various styles and sizes, as well as some artificial flowers.

Idea #29: Selfie Stick

Credits: Wedding Forward

Set up a selfie stick at each table and allow your guests to capture special moments on your wedding day. It will keep them entertained, and they will enjoy it because they will take many photos home with them. You can also position the Bluetooth selfie stick in front of a decorative background.

Idea #30: Oversized Book

Credits: Wedding Chicks

Tying the knot with the love of your life feels like something out of a fairytale for many people. And for your own fairytale, consider using a large book as a backdrop for your wedding photo booth. Put something in there, such as your love story, and it will undoubtedly pass as a centerpiece at the celebration.


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