7 Insider Tips to Find the Perfect Photo Booth Backdrop

Group of girls posing at photo booth


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Backdrops are an integral part of any photo booth experience. They set the mood and provide a nice background for your guests to pose in front of, so that your photos turn out great regardless of how your venue looks.

If you’re renting a photo booth, most companies will provide a selection of backdrops for you to choose from.

They can also be custom designed to match your theme, whether it’s modern chic or 70’s retro.

In this article, we give you 7 insider tips and trends to help you find the perfect photo booth backdrop for your event—whether it’s a corporate dinner or wedding.

Why You Should Listen to Us

At Ubersnap, we were photography enthusiasts before we even started our photo booth service. That’s why we’ve tried so many backdrops and compared their differences.

In fact, many of the differences are not even noticeable to most people!

After years of trial and error—and over 1500 events—we consider ourselves experts in everything related to photo booth backdrops.

Tip #1: Use a Tension Fabric Backdrop

Glamorous couple posing at photo booth in front of simple pattern backdrop

If you’re lazy to read on, here’s the best tip: the tension fabric backdrop is the best option for most events.


Here are the reasons:

  • Because it’s made of fabric, it’s non-reflective and doesn’t cause hotspots due to the lighting.
  • It can be printed with any design, and the colours look vibrant and really pop.
  • It looks sleek and professional, so that it’s presentable for any event.
  • Because the fabric is stretched out, it smooths out any unsightly wrinkles on the backdrop.

At Ubersnap, we offer a wide range of tension fabric backdrop designs for every occasion—from formal black tie dinners to casual birthday parties.

The best thing?

We have experienced designers who will recommend you the best photo booth backdrop for your event.

If you have not decided on a photo booth company—or you’re working with someone else—that’s cool!

The next 3 tips are questions you should ask, so that you know you’re making the right choice.

Tip #2: Ask for the Selection of Designs

Happy couple having fun at GIF booth with birthday balloon backdrop

First of all, ask for the backdrops that you can choose from.

Do they have a wide selection of designs? Can you find one to match your theme?

If not, you will have to make a custom backdrop—which means extra costs.

Tip #3: Ask About the Material of Your Backdrop

Friends posing at photo booth in front of balloon backdrop

Watch out for any reflective materials, which will result in ugly hotspots (these are areas on the backdrop which are so bright that they look white in the photo).

Fabrics are great, but plastic backdrops should ring alarm bells. Ask for sample pictures from actual events.

Tip #4: Ask for Photos of Your Whole Backdrop

Romantic couple kissing at photo booth with red and blue neon lights

Remember, it’s not just about how the photos turn out.

Presentation is everything at events, so how the whole photo booth setup looks matters too. Ask for photos of the whole backdrop.

Does it look neat and professional? Or amateurish?

We’ve seen photo booth backdrops which were held up by clothing clips. Let’s save those for the laundry.

Tip #5: Keep It Simple for Your Wedding

Couple posing at wedding photo booth with monochrome pattern backdrop

We’re seeing weddings go modern, with more couples booking non-traditional venues like outdoor gardens and museums.

Opting for simple designs, like monochrome patterns and rose gold sequins, will allow your photo booth to fit in.

Keep your dress code in mind. If you have a formal dress code, have a photo booth backdrop that can match up—a funky pattern will probably stick out like a sore thumb. If it’s a black tie affair, go for backdrops with lighter colours so your guests can stand out.

Tip #6: Let Loose at Your Corporate Event

Friends dancing at GIF photo booth with funky and colourful backdrop

Many brands are shedding their stuffy image and becoming more relatable. As a result, they are opting for themes that are fun and lighthearted.

Loud and quirky patterns are a great way to attract attention to the photo booth, especially in public spaces. Green screen backdrops allow you to place your guests in front of any digital backdrop; it’s an affordable way to offer several options while staying on brand.

Tip #7: Play It Safe for Your Company Dinner and Dance

Women dressed in kimonos at GIF booth with red backdrop

We’re seeing more companies embrace fresh concepts for their dinners. They really go all out, by asking everyone to dress in costumes and styling the venue to match.

It’s really fun to see everyone dressed up as Egyptian pharaohs or stormtroopers!

Because there’s such a wide variety of concepts and people come dressed up so differently, it’s often advisable to choose photo booth backdrops that can accommodate everyone.

Playing it safe doesn’t mean that the backdrop is boring! It just means choosing muted and darker colours.

Black or gold sequin backdrops go well with almost anything and give a beautiful shimmery effect. Simple patterns with just 1 or 2 colours are also great options.

Bonus Tip: Make Your Own Custom Backdrop

Couple posing at GIF booth in front of red backdrop with lights

What happens if you don’t fancy any of the existing photo booth backdrops?

Or if you need to incorporate your company logo onto it?

You will need to make a custom photo booth backdrop. Let’s go through the options.

Custom Printed Backdrops

This is the most affordable option and is sufficient for most events.

You can ask your photo booth provider to come up with a design for you, or you can do it yourself. If you’re doing it yourself, ask for the dimensions that you should provide.

The design will then be printed on the backdrop material, whether it’s fabric or something else.

3D Backdrops

These are more complex and will usually require a third party—companies that specialise in event styling or production. Ask your photo booth company for recommendations.

Designs can range from handmade backdrops with paper flowers to flashy walk-in booths with light tubes.


Man in suit at GIF booth with red patterned backdrop

When you rent a photo booth, you can expect them to provide a backdrop.

Ask them for their selection of designs and the material of their photo booth backdrops—look for non-reflective materials. Just as importantly, ask for pictures of their whole backdrop; you want it to look professional.

With over 1500 events under our belt, we know a thing or two about backdrops. Give us a call or drop us an email if you have questions; we’ll be happy to help even if you’re working with someone else!


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