30 Christmas Photo Booth Ideas for a Magical Celebration


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!

Children are singing, sleighbells are ringing, and we ought to raise a mistle-toast to this glorious holiday season. If you’re looking to end your year with a bang, we’ve got just the fix for you!

Whether you’re throwing a festive get-together among your family, or an extravagant party at work, we’ve got an array of photo booth ideas to keep you satiated—from a simple, hassle-free Christmas photo booth to a design-savvy, elfing-gorgeous photo booth.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our curated list of the 30 best Christmas photo booth ideas for you!

1. Family Flannel

Credits: Donae Cotton Photography

You can’t possibly do without a Family Flannel photo booth—it’s the unofficial fabric of Christmas. Adorn your backdrop with the customary flannel colour-theme— beige and red—and get your family onboard with this idea!

Whether it’s a flannel blouse, a flannel shawl or simply a patterned headband, you’re sure to look dashing as a squad and that’s what the spirit of Christmas should be all about.

2. Minimalistic Booth

Credits: Jessica Paxson

A Christmas photo booth doesn’t have to be fancy. We’re talking about bringing yourself back to your roots—so whatever’s comfortable for you, floats! For a minimalistic photo booth, follow the green, red and white colour theme, and you won’t go wrong.

3. Truckload Full of Joy

Credits: Rebecca Rice Photography

This Christmas photo booth theme celebrates the rustic-chic of purposing the back of your truck as both a prop and a backdrop—a nifty 2-in-1 solution! Not difficult at all to create once you’ve gotten the main prop (truck) down—simply toss in a comfy blanket, some pillows, a mini Christmas tree to top it off—and there you have it, a truckload full of joy!

4. Away in a Manger

Credits: Three Points Vintage

Happy birthday, baby Jesus! For the lot of you Christian folk, your ideal Christmas photo booth may include key elements from the place of his nativity—so there’s nothing more apt than an Away in a Manger barn design.

Order a rustic wooden stand and drape a Christmas garland over it (plus points if it has mistletoe). Position a few fairy-lit Christmas trees around a Manger and you’re all set to recreate the scene of his birth!

5. Pyjamas Shoot

Credits: Jovana Cuellar

This Christmas photo booth idea is so cheesy, but so fun! Christmas is more than just a celebration, it’s also an opportunity for adults to relive their childhood slumber parties. With just a simple red backdrop and green-wrapped gifts as props, you’re all set for your pyjamas-themed photo booth!

6. Fireplace Fun

Credits: Tulamama Baby Showers & Beyond

Have a fireplace at home? Lucky you! There’s nothing better than having a cosy fireplace adorned with candles, frosted Christmas garlands, and candy-filled stockings that bring out the holiday cheer. With its warm glow, coupled with the hues from the Christmas tree, you’re sure to keep your guests snug and comfortable.

7. Candlelight Shoot

Credits: Décor Facil

Dim your lights and soak in the warmth of your candles. Adorn your backdrop with a Christmas wreath and stars, and make sure to carefully arrange your candles to make them pop in this Christmas photo booth.

8. Glow Jars

Credits: Westwing- Arredamento Interior

If you have your own backyard, this next Christmas photo booth idea is for you! Sling some mason jars containing fairy lights across the branches of your trees, and intertwine bigger globes of light and Christmas decor for a fuller look. It’s a mesmerizing and chic photo booth design.

Pro-tip: remember to purchase waterproof fairy lights for outdoor use!

9. Moony-Eyed Christmas

Credits: Yandex

Starry Christmas nights aren’t complete until you add a moon! For this next celestial-themed Christmas photo booth idea, you’ll need a dark carpet strip backdrop to accent your silver stars, fairy lights and cotton floor. As for the highlight of this photo booth, prepare a big cutout of a moon and add a dark stool behind it for your guests to lounge on.

10. Candy Canes

Credits: KTJ Photography

Candy canes are a must-have at any great Christmas party, so why not ride on that and create a candy cane themed photo booth! An endearing concept especially for those with young children at home—order these gigantic candy canes for your children to play around with. Prepare a wooden stall, a chalkboard as a sign, and a few jars of candy to adorn the stand.

11. Christmas Tree

Credits: Ubuy

Fir trees go with Christmas like eggnog and cookies—it’s an absolute must-have! For this look, gather all the bobbles and fairy lights you can find and start to decorate your garlands, wreath and most importantly, your Christmas tree! With its bright ornaments and glimmering star on top, it’s sure to take one’s breath away.

12. Modern Christmas

Credits: Jelena Smuk

Christmas is evolving, and so are our Christmas trees! Forget our usual Fir trees, our modern Christmas photo booth is a simple arrangement of pine branches, bobbles, and a generous amount of fairy lights. This works amazingly well for those of you who don’t have the luxury of getting a real Christmas tree, but want to join in the Christmas fun!

13. Balloons

Credits: CherishX

Let’s take it way back to the fundamentals of any good party— balloons! Simply put up balloons that spell Merry Christmas, or You’re sleigh-in’ it if you’re feeling spunky. Coupled with a neat backdrop like this vintage brick wall, you’re all set to have your very own low maintenance Christmas photo booth.

14. Fairy Lights

Credits: Holidappy

Undeniably, fairy lights add a ton of flavour into any Christmas photo booth. There’s so much to play with and you can never go wrong by using these warm white tones against a plain curtain backdrop!

15. Hymn Backdrop

Credits: Marie Claire

This one’s slightly quirkier. Don’t just sing those Christmas tunes, take it up a notch and frame it up! For starters, choose a simple Christmas score like O Holy Night, enlarge the score and print it out as a poster to fit a corner in your home. This photo booth idea works wonders to fill blank areas where needed, and acts as a classy, refined backdrop for your next photo shoot!

16. Winter Globe

Credits: Rachelle Lian

Did you not fall in love at first sight with this photo booth? Fashioned after a snow-globe concept—this photo booth is surprisingly less complicated to set up than it looks!

Simply purchase a round arch photo-stand, accessorise it with a white feather boa and place a white padded seat in front of the arch— and you’re almost complete. Add a few fairy-lit Christmas trees against a winter backdrop and you’ve got a winning Christmas photo booth!

17. Angels

Credits: Loretta Ball

Trivia time: did you know that biblically, angels look way more intimidating than these pristine statues? Nevertheless, angels are a symbolic, aesthetic piece of Christmas!

For this Christmas photo booth, the main serve are your fairy-lit angel decorations. Place them in front of your Christmas trees, adorn the ground with some Christmas garlands and have a north star hanging from the ceiling to recreate this look.

18. Keep It Simple

Credits: Mountain Modern Life

Let’s go back to the basics! Prepare some Christmas garland with fairy lights and simply align them across your door frame. Once you’ve turned on your lights, you’re sure to create a warm atmosphere—something your guests are guaranteed to love!

This photo booth idea is for anyone looking for a minimalistic, classy look.

19. Harry Potter

Credits: EPBOT

Every Potterhead knows how special Christmas is—Hogwarts is always doused in white snow and the scene looks like a dream. This Christmas, you might want to pull out your big guns and go all out on this. Recreate the floating candles starry sky look, prepare a leaky cauldron brick wall, and adorn your walls with your Harry Potter House colours!

20. Framing up the Moment

Credits: Izee Jimnz

Get your little ones to embark on a crafting journey with you! Photo frames are an essential to every child’s early Christmas years, and you can spice things up by fashioning these frames after the hottest movie trends, like Frozen. This Christmas photo booth idea is not only super adorable for your children, but also a great bonding activity for the family!

21. Frosty the Snowman

Credits: Bigamart

What’s Christmas without Frosty the Snowman? Fashion your photo booth after a wintery day—tape crystalized snow-flakes to the wall with glistening snow branch props and presents adorning the floor. You can even get your very own life-sized Snowman décor. There’s so much to play around with when Frosty is involved, so don’t miss out on this one!

22. Frozen

Credits: Kalena Fonseca

Okay hear me out—kids love this! The Frozen craze is still very much in trend, and we have just the Christmas photo booth idea for it. With the main white-blue theme, it doesn’t come off too tacky, and is mesmerizing enough to keep both your kids and your older guests engaged.

23. Presents

Credits: Heather Lee

In this photo booth, we see a combination of a Christmas activity and a photo booth. Each guest is assigned a number that matches that of these gift-filled containers that form the shape of a Christmas tree. Subsequently, guests will have to pierce these containers to retrieve their gifts, which also means that by the end of the night, your Christmas tree may look rather hol(e)y!

If you’re more concerned about how much fun your guests are having at your party than the aesthetics of it, this cost-effective idea is for you!

24. Hot Cocoa Booth

Credits: Mandy Ringe Photography

Hollering for all Hot Cocoa lovers! It’s not only a comforting drink in the biting cold, but also a lovely outdoor photo booth concept. As the main serve, have a Hot Cocoa Stand and get your children to pretend running the booth!

This Christmas photo booth idea works for all ages. If you’re into spicing things up, this could double-up as a kissing-booth for you and your partner to cuddle up in-front of the camera!

25. Tepees

Credits: Mint Event Design

Don’t these remind you of the holiday forts we used to build back when we were kids? Adorable, classy and so in tune with the Christmas vibe! Tepees are basically bali-inspired mini tents and are so easy to set up. Simply string some fairy lights across your tepee, adorn the space around it with comfy throw pillows, candles and a mini Christmas tree!

Not only does this photo booth have a fashionable Boho design, it also works amazing for kids to have sleepovers in too!

26. Confetti

Credits: Scary Mommy

If everything you’ve read thus far has been too intense—fret not, we’ve got you covered with some nifty confetti! For those of you who are not sure of where to begin in creating your perfect photo booth, don’t look too far. There’s nothing simpler and more festive than to buy some Christmas-themed party flakes for you and your friends to take colourful, shimmery pictures with. Go wild with it!

27. The Grinch

Credits: Holly Lee

The Grinch who stole Christmas deserves a feature—set these grinch statues for a fun way to spice up your photo booth! Not only are they strangely adorable, they’re also super cost-efficient to create. Simply wrap some green paper over some boxes, draw grinch faces on them and voila! A neat, fun photo booth idea.

28. Stockings

Credits: Anastasia Shatalin

Hiding your presents in Christmas stockings are such an iconic feature and not limited to indoor spaces—try them outdoors too! Simply string a thread across two branches, clip on some delightfully coloured socks and voila! Your backdrop is secured.

Pro-tip: make sure that your socks are big or outrageous enough to catch your guests’ eye.

29. Wreath

Credits: Kari Barrett Photography

Did you think that wreaths were limited to being hung by your doorstep? Think again!

For this photo booth idea, we’re leveraging on a big arch stand—one that allows us to intertwine Christmas garlands, bobbles, and even fairy lights. With these ornaments in place, simply prepare a wooden bench for your guests to lounge on while you snap away!

Such a novel Christmas photo booth idea is sure to gather some ‘ooh-s’ from your crowd—just make sure to adorn your surroundings with décor to complete its rustic, classy look.

30. Santa’s Elves

Credits: Nic Besseker Photography

Don’t they look like Santa’s elves hard at work? Adorable. Simply get your guests or children to casually hang glowing bobbles onto a Christmas tree, or snap a picture of them in their natural environment. To properly create a contrast—make sure to dress your children in bright flannels so that they stand out in the photos.

This Christmas photo booth idea works amazing for any of you with a gorgeous garden or any picture-risqué location—let the background do the work and it’ll all come together!


Christmas is always a cause for celebration and we want to make sure that your guests are smitten by your gorgeous Christmas photo booths. Truth is, there’s no right way to set it up—just make sure you have loads of fun while you’re at it!


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