photo booth is the hub of any event; it breaks the ice and brings a buzz of activity.

If you’re looking for practical tips on setting up a DIY photo booth in the simplest possible way, you’ll love this infographic.

It’s a fat-free checklist of everything you’ll need for an amazing photo booth, and nothing more.

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DIY Photo Booth - The Easiest Way (Infographic)

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Here’s our take on the simplest possible setup for a DIY photo booth:


Skip the DSLR; cameras on your mobile devices are getting so good that most people can’t tell the difference in quality.

Use your iPad and you can shoot, share and print from a single device. No fiddling with connections between multiple devices, and the additional software required.

  • Use the built-in camera app or third-party apps like Simple Booth and WiFi Booth.
  • Use the front camera, so that your guests can see their poses on-screen.
  • Fully self-service. You don’t have to be at your photo booth at all times.
  • Upload your photos to Dropbox for easy sharing.


Fix your iPad on a tripod, and your guests can help themselves to the fun. That frees you up for other party host duties; just check on the photo booth once in a while.

Pro-tip: create a sign with simple instructions on how to use the photo booth.

  • Hold your iPad in position with a tripod mount.
  • Easily purchased on Amazon.
  • Affordable options by Grifiti, Ipow and iShot.


Set up a backdrop for better looking photos; it also helps draw attention to the photo booth. Make it 2 metres by 2 metres to comfortably fit 5 guests—or 10 guests at a stretch.

  • For the simplest option, use a solid colour wall.
  • Use fabric by fixing it to the wall or hanging it on a stand.
  • Decorate with items like gold foil, balloons and paper flowers.

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Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. For guests who don’t know what to do with their hands, photo booth props are a godsend. Not to mention all the wonderful opportunities for acting silly! 

  • Party hats: get your funk on with themed party hats.
  • Funky glasses: act silly with oversized, ridiculous looking glasses.
  • Stick props: easy, affordable and oh-so-fun. Think hot lips, moustaches and speech bubbles.

Where to find


Having a printer will increase the number of visitors to your photo booth. People just love going home with physical prints!

  • Print directly and wirelessly from your iPad, with any printer that supports AirPrint.
  • Affordable and portable options include Canon Selphy and Epson PictureMate.
  • Ensure that your iPad and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Bonus Tips

  1. Photography is all about light. If you’re having an event indoors or at night, ambient lighting alone will result in dull and flat photos. Use a ring light – it’s an affordable option that’s really easy to set up. No prior knowledge of photography required.
  2. If your event is during the day, you’re in luck! Just set up your photo booth next to a large window, and you’ll get plenty of natural light.


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