30 Spook-Tacular Halloween Photo Booth Ideas


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Spooky season is coming up, and we want to help you make it a night to dis-member!

From a classic Trick-or-treat event, a Harvest party, to even a Stranger things celebration; our list of 30 Halloween photo booth ideas will gear you up with all the inspiration needed to set up your very own morbid stage.

1. Minimalist Booth

Simplicity is the way to go! DIY bats never go out of style, and they’re so easy to craft. Don’t know how to arrange them on your ceilings and wall? Here’s a couple of placements you can refer to.

With your homemade hallow-bats, you’ll not only be able to create a minimalist finish for your photo booth, but also achieve a cost efficient photo booth for any Halloween event.

2. Pumpkin Booth

Pumpkin booths are adorable, and for all ages. This is perfect for those who are into outdoor photo booth concepts, where all you need are a couple of crates, wooden planks and most importantly, pumpkin as décor.

If you’re into spicing things up, pumpkin booths are basically kissing booths—try a GIF Halloween photo booth to capture you and your other half striking a pose, or cuddling up!

Pro-tip: with Ubersnap, you can even turn your GIFs into a one-of-a-kind, holographic prints.

3. Stranger Things

The theme of this Halloween photo booth is all everyone’s been talking about, Stranger Things! Taking place in the spooky town of Hawkins, the cast of this show really served us the best of the 1980s look—perfect for you and your friends to dress up to.

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it’s becoming the new Halloween hype, and we’re here to tell you all about it. If you’re into some sci-fi horror, upbeat fun, this Stranger Things photo booth idea is for you!

4. Ghoulish Backdrop

Who says Halloween has to be all about creepy clowns and grotesque limbs? This year, we’re combining Halloween with class—take these curtains and thread some fairy lights across, and there you have it! An elegant, minimalist design.

5. Gothic Halloween

Goth is making a comeback—have you seen Kourtney and Travis’ wedding? If you’re into that, we’ve got just the fix for you.

A dark floral drape across a backdrop stand, dangling skeletons, and a beaten up gothic couch against a lime-washed wall; these are all necessities for you to pull off the best gothic photo booth this Halloween.

6. Crime Scene

We’re headed into a bit of a ratchet look over here, but if you’re throwing a college party, this spooky crime scene is definitely for you. Spider webs, a cocooned corpse and caution tapes—throw it all in and it’s sure to freak out a guest or two!

7. Don’t Look Into the Mirror

Somehow, characters in horror movies always get possessed through mirrors. Adapting inspiration from that, our next Halloween photo booth leverages on those horror elements— simply plaster some mirrors onto a wall, drape some webs across to bring back that haunted house feel, and get your guests to strike a pose!

8. Dracula’s Fang-stastic Lair

What’s a Halloween without the supernatural folk! Vampires are a must-have, and here’s a photo booth idea for all you blood-suckers out there. The show-stopper of this photo booth is the coffin, topped with looming webs and haunting graves to create the perfect day-of-the-dead experience.

9. Wizards and Witches

What’s Halloween if you’re not be-witched! With gargoyles on your seat, magical broomsticks and ghastly dark pumpkins, you’re sure to give a kid or two some chills.

10. Harry Potter

Calling all Potterheads! For a much more cost effective Halloween photo booth, simply hold up a photo frame against a concrete backdrop, topped off with round-framed potter glasses and uniquely-fashioned wands.

11. Neon Horror

With a few strokes of some glow-in-the-dark paint, a ghastly skeleton and some LED lights—your next neon photo booth is good to go! This photo booth is a quick fix for a Halloween party, and not to mention, a pretty cool concept.

12. Greek Mythology

Did you know that Halloween was originally an Ancient Greek celebration dedicated to Dionysius, the Greek God of Wine?

With some dark veils, skeletal heads mirroring River Styx, and a horrifying medusa head, this photo booth celebrates the best of Greek Mythology, perfect for a Halloween party.

13. Skull in the Yarn

An orange backdrop and some black yarn is all you need to get this look! Fashion the yarn into a skull if you will, and you’ll have a low cost, fa-BOO-lous Halloween photo booth.

14. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Did you know that jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween time was fashioned after a folklore character named ‘Stingy Jack’? As the story goes, your pumpkin should be as grotesque as possible to ward off Stingy Jack and any wandering spirits—so have fun shaping them!

This photo booth idea aligns closely with our Halloween tradition, and with your jagged lip, evil-eyed pumpkin, you’re sure to ward off a spirit or two.

15. Mummified

Want to learn how to make a life-sized, realistic mummy using simple materials and with barely any tools required? Watch this video to find out more!

16. Bloody Drapes

We get it, this does look rather grotesque. But the bloodier, the merrier—right? The drapes curving from the ceiling help to create a vignette effect, framing your guests at the Halloween photo booth.

Adding to the fun, get your guests to dress up as zombies! With them drawing closer and closer to the camera with their frightening get-ups, you’re sure to want to capture this on a holographic print that you and your guests can take home as souvenirs.

Talk about a one-of-a-kind type of Halloween experience!

17. Vintage Family Shoot

A haunted house is never complete until you’ve announced their ghoulish hosts! Simply position some skeletons behind your guests’ photo booth seats, add some horrific family portraits as the backdrop, and voila! You’re all set to create the perfect haunted house photo booth.

18. Mr Skeleton and Me

Your Halloween photo booth can be as simple as dressing up a skeleton—throw onto him a cowboy hat, boots, and stuff a pipe into his mouth—and you’re sure to create an eerie-sistible star of the show!

19. Mooney Eyed

Moon seats are such a preppy photo booth idea for Halloween! With some dangling bats and a moon fashioned after a creepy jack-o-lantern, your guests are sure to love this concept.

20. Fairy Lights

There’s no doubt that fairy lights make everything look ten times better. Unsure of how to set up a photo booth? Find a dark wall, weave some fairy lights into a cotton web, and hang it up, and your next Halloween photo booth is ready to go!

21. Haunted Barn

There’s so much to work with when you’re setting up a haunted barn. With some hay as seats, pumpkins as décor, and a wooden backdrop to top it off, your Halloween photo booth will exude a rustic, welcoming vibe.

22. Pirate’s Cavern

Your ghoulish night isn’t complete without floating candles! With dark streamers, hovering candles and skull décor adorning your wall, your Halloween photo booth will mirror that of a pirate’s eerie cavern.

23. Something Adorable

If you have kids, you’re probably going to want to make sure that you factor in their lower appetite for a good scare. Try something adorable instead—here are some low-hanging, soft ghoulish ornaments to include in your child’s photo booth!

24. Metallic Balloons

Not sure of how to set up a photo booth? Toss in some metallic balloons— they always seem to brighten and fill up empty spaces in the background!

Here are some Halloween puns if you’re looking to surface some cackles.

25. Autumn Leaves

Who says you’ll need to buy all your Halloween props?

Spend some time with your little ones to craft some décor for your Halloween photo booth, and be sustainable while you’re at it. Transform old dictionaries, junk mail or paper to be recycled into beautiful, autumn leaves.

Not only are these so easy to craft, they can also be made in a pinch, if you’re running out of time to set up your Halloween photo booth.

26. Frame It Up

An icing on the cake is always to have your own Halloween frames. Let your creative juices flow and design it however you want! To cater to your guests, you’re probably going to want group captions like: “Boo Crew” and “Squash Squad” on your frames.

27. Scarecrow Booth

There’s so much to play with when setting up your own scarecrow photo booth. Toss a wizard’s hat on a carefully crafted Jack-O-Lantern, a dementors’ cloak, and voila! You’re all set to scare the hairs off your neighbour.

28. Balloon Arc

Balloon Arcs are such a nifty way to spice up a Halloween photo booth. With a dark backdrop, extensively strung spider webs and a few pumpkin heads as décor—you’re sure to capture the adoration of your younger guests.

29. Horror Movie

What about a cinema booth for you to catch a haunted show—literally? Join us for one hell of a screening, and you’ll sure be back for more!

This Halloween photo booth idea leverages on some creative elements—a skeleton receptionist, some boards to display the shows, and some pumpkins to top things off. Not the easiest to fix up, but it’ll definitely pay off with an exciting evening for your guests.

30. The Afterlife Has Sparkles

As a best of both worlds, we have a photo booth concept where Halloween meets Prom night! Sparkles never go out of style, especially when topped off with some dark veil and Halloween bats—simple, yet so glamourous.


Halloween’s the one night when you’re free to decorate your home however you like, and to dress up as anyone you want—so go wild with it!

We hope that you’ve managed to glean some inspiration from our myriad of Halloween photo booth options listed above, and don’t be shy to go overboard with your extravaganza.

Happy haunting!


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