30 Innovative Photo Booth Ideas That Will Make Your Event Stand Out

Group posing at photo booth with props


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Planning to have a photo booth at your event? The best place to start is by deciding on the type of photo booth. There is now a wide variety of experiences to choose from—ranging from the classic photo booth to an automated, robot option.

Read about the 15 types of photo booths that’ll guarantee you a successful event.

Next, you’d want to think about how to make your photo booth stand out. 

Coming up with your own ideas might be challenging; that’s why we’re sharing the 30 best photo booth ideas for your next event or wedding. You can either copy them, modify them or use them as inspiration for your own ideas.

Let’s go!

1. Neon Lights Installation

Romantic couple kissing at photo booth with red and blue neon lights

Here’s a custom installation that we’ve done, with rows of neon light tubes. Use different colours on each side to create a cool two-tone effect.

It’s a fantastic way to attract a crowd to your photo booth, because of how it stands out. It’s a versatile concept that can work with a wide range of events, from corporate dinners to product launches.

2. Chalkboard Backdrop

Bride at photo booth with chalkboard backdrop

A chalkboard backdrop is a creative and affordable way to add a personal touch to your event or wedding. If you’re artistically inclined, you can create the drawings yourself; if not, bring in an event or wedding stylist to help.

3. Multiple Hanging Frames

Photo booth with multiple hanging photo frames

You can incorporate photo frames into your photo booth with this concept. Hang several smaller frames from an arch, to create interesting photo opportunities for groups.

4. Large Vintage Frame

Photo booth with large vintage photo frame

The alternative to the multiple hanging frames is to use a single large photo frame—a vintage style works best! Decorate the frame with beautiful blooms, place it outdoors, and you have a wonderfully romantic wedding piece.

5. Giant Moon Backdrop

Photo booth with giant moon backdrop

This giant moon backdrop is absolutely magical—it’ll certainly become the statement piece of your party.

Use it to create a romantic fairytale vibe, perfect for weddings or any celebrations of love.

6. Kaleidoscope Photo Booth

Group of friends at kaleidoscope photo booth

A kaleidoscope effect can be achieved either digitally (by processing the images) or with physical mirrors, which are placed in front of the photo booth. We tend to recommend physical experiences—it’s just so much better to have something you can see and touch.

Use this with a GIF photo booth to provide a highly interactive and unique experience.

7. Infinity Mirrors Photo Booth

Couple at infinity mirror photo booth

The infinity mirror photo booth is the bigger brother to the kaleidoscope photo booth. With some well placed lights, you get a wonderfully striking effect.

While it looks like you’re in, well, infinite space, the setup is actually fairly compact. It’s a small room with mirrors on all sides (including the floor and ceiling), which you walk into for your shot.

8. Popcorn Balloon Backdrop

Using a popcorn balloon garland as a photo booth backdrop

Balloon garlands are an affordable option for decorating your party; just head over to your local gift store.

They are really simple to put up as well! Just tie the strings to a little hook, or tape them down if you’re feeling especially lazy.

This popcorn balloon garland is great if you’re planning a birthday or children’s party, or even a movie night.

9. Dyed Fabric Backdrop

Dyed fabric backdrop for a photo booth

Here’s a simple fabric backdrop with a bohemian, artsy vibe; perfect for weddings and outdoor parties. It’s so simple to create—just hang the fabric from a copper pipe. Mix up the colours and arrangements to create your own style.

10. Floating Confetti Backdrop

Woman posing at floating confetti photo booth

Confetti and GIF photo booths are like peanut butter and jelly—they go together perfectly. However, it’s a real hassle to clean up the confetti each time. With this photo booth idea, you don’t have to!

Instead of popping the confetti, make it float in mid-air with fishing line. It’s an eye-catching backdrop for any photo booth.

11. Curtain Backdrop

Pink curtain backdrop for photo booth

If you have any curtains or drapes around your house, you can easily turn it into a beautiful photo booth backdrop. In fact, it’s a simple trick that’s used in many professional photography studios!

For weddings, look for white or pink drapes, and pair it with simple floral decorations.

12. Vintage Light Bulbs

Vintage light bulbs photo booth

Often, the best photo booth ideas are the simplest ones. In this example, you’ll simply need to purchase several vintage light bulbs. Hang them from an arch, fence or any kind of support; while making sure to vary the heights to create visual interest. 

You can easily match this with a simple fabric backdrop for a more elegant and polished look—that can work even for formal corporate events.

13. Swing Booth

Women posing at photo booth with swing

If you’re planning to have a GIF or video booth, you’d want to create opportunities for interaction—so that it’s easy for your guests to move and dance around. What better way to do it than to provide a swing?

Style the swing according to your event; this photo booth idea is fantastic for gala dinners and other formal events. However, it’s easy to adapt it for a vintage look or to create an outdoorsy vibe.

14. Green Wall Backdrop

Green wall photo booth

Green walls are a popular motif these days, and you might want to integrate one into your photo booth. Some venues might even have one, so you just have to locate your photo booth in front of it.

If a plain green wall is looking too simple for your tastes, you can decorate it with signs or floral arrangements. For weddings, you can create a sign with your names, which you’ll hang in the middle of the wall.

15. Neon Signs

Neon sign photo booth

There’s no better way to add an artistic and hip vibe to your photo booth, than a neon sign. While these can be custom made (say, for your product launch), you can also find off-the-shelf options. It’s an eye-catching way to attract a crowd to your photo booth.

16. Photo Guest Book Photo Booth

Photo guest book photo booth

Here’s a great photo booth idea for weddings—get your guests to stick their photo booth prints in a guest book. It’s a fun activity for your guests, to fill up the blank pages with their photos and messages. In the end, you’ll get a priceless and personalised album that you’ll treasure for life.

17. Vintage Telephone Booth

Couple posing at vintage telephone booth photo booth

The vintage telephone booth may no longer be of practical use, but it can still serve as a unique set up for your photo booth! You can usually find one off eBay or AliExpress. Alternatively, get your event stylist or production company to construct one from scratch.

18. Old Doors

Vintage doors backdrop for photo booth

These old doors are the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding. You can either create one yourself, or get one from a prop rental company—there’s usually one in every city, with a wide range of props to choose from.

19. Wooden Pallet Backdrop

Wooden pallet backdrop for photo booth

Wooden pallets are inexpensive and provide an amazing rustic, worn look. You can create a backdrop with these, and combine them with chairs and old boxes, to produce a beautiful setup for your photo booth. It’s like a set from a play! 

Even better, you’re doing your part for the environment by upcycling.

20. Instagram Frame Photo Booth

Women holding Instagram photo frame at photo booth

Create a custom Instagram photo frame that your guests can pose with. It’s so simple to make—just print it on a foam board or thick paper, and cut out the shapes. If you’re a brand, this is a great way to bring awareness to your Instagram account and gain followers.

21. Rainbow Backdrop and Carpet

Colourful backdrop and carpet for photo booth

Here’s a cool photo booth idea that we’ve never seen before—a backdrop that also serves as a carpet! It’s like a red carpet experience but way more colourful—imagine walking down a long stretch and finally posing in front of it. What a perfect way to draw attention to your photo booth.

22. Ball Pit Photo Booth

Group of friends having fun at a ball pit photo booth

We can never outgrow ball pits; bring back your childhood with this interactive experience. Just jump in, have fun and pose for the photo booth!

A ball pit photo booth works perfectly with GIF, video or slow motion photo booths, because you can capture the moments when you’re jumping in or just throwing the balls around.

23. Silver Shimmer Tunnel

Silver shimmer wall installation for photo booth

Here’s a custom installation that’s sure to turn heads. The silver shimmer tunnel is made of sequins or tiles, and create a lively, interactive element. It’s a great feature wall for any event type, and can be customised to include any branding.

24. Trick Eye Photo Booth

Trick eye photo booth

Trick eye museums are popular tourist destinations and for good reason—they provide wonderful photo opportunities! You can bring that same experience to your photo booth, by working with a production company to build a set.

25. Upside Down Room Photo Booth

Upside down room photo booth

The upside down room photo booth is really a type of trick eye photo booth, but we thought it deserves its own mention. Just like the trick eye effect, this type of photo booth works by creating a mind-bending visual illusion.

There are many opportunities for creating a branded experience, and this can easily become a permanent installation—say, as an attraction to your store.

26. Rotating Room Photo Booth

Couple in a rotating room photo booth

The rotating room photo booth is a gravity-defying experience. Both the room and camera will rotate together, creating the illusion that you’re crawling up the wall and ceiling. You can customise the room to match your branding, by adding your logos and brand colours.

27. Fisheye Photo Booth

Group of friends posing at fisheye photo booth

As an event planner, you’re always looking for fresh photo booth ideas to keep your events interesting. The fisheye photo booth is a twist to the traditional photo booth—it distorts your photo for an interesting effect, and is great for fitting large groups of people in a small space.

28. Drone Photo Booth

Drone photo booth

If you’re expecting a large crowd at your event, a drone photo booth is a fantastic way to get everyone into the shot. Unfortunately, not many photo booth companies will offer this service. However, it’s inexpensive to buy your own drone, and easy to operate too!

29. Treadmill Photo Booth

Participant at treadmill photo booth

With a treadmill photo booth, your guests will be walking or running on a treadmill while they take a shot. This is perfect if you have a fitness themed event, or even a fashion themed event—where the treadmill becomes a runway!

Consider using a green screen to digitally insert them onto the virtual runways of their choice.

30. Augmented Reality Photo Booth

Augmented reality photo booth

One of the newest experiences is the augmented reality photo booth. Using the latest technology, it allows you to take photos with celebrities—as if they were really there! There are so many possibilities for creating branded experiences, such as for TV shows and movie casts.


There are so many different experiences that you can create with photo booths, whether you’re planning a gala dinner, product launch or even a permanent installation.

Use these photo booth ideas as a starting point for your own projects, and start your planning by reaching out to us!


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