30 Noteworthy Event Photographers in Singapore


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An event occurs only once—you can’t resurrect the moment or go back in time. Hence, it’s crucial to work with the best event photographers—because once you miss a moment, there’s no second chance.

Professional event photographers are equipped with the necessary equipment to capture your event perfectly, regardless of lighting condition. That said, you’re obviously not just paying for the equipment, but also the skill set—which takes many years of experience to hone. Refer to our guide for a clearer picture on event photography rates in Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for a photographer for a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, finding a good one can make all the difference. There are countless photographers in Singapore, ranging from freelance photographers to big-time production companies—and finding them all individually will be a time-consuming task. 

To help you in planning your event, we’ve compiled a list of 30 noteworthy event photographers in Singapore, that you can hire to capture the best moments of your event. 

1. Ubersnap

With Ubersnap, your event photos are made instantly shareable—so that you can download and share them right away.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Our photographer takes a photo of you.
  2. Our assistant shows you the photo on a tablet, within seconds.
  3. Scan the QR code on the tablet to get your photo instantly.

Together with the live projection and instant 4R prints, our event photography service is a social experience that brings energy and excitement to your guests.

We believe that event photography isn’t just for capturing the best moments of your event—which we do!

It can also spark conversations and bring people closer together, in a shared experience.

And we have a great track record too, providing event photography for some of the largest companies in the world—including Apple, LinkedIn, Uniqlo, BMW, Sephora, Forbes, Facebook, UBS, and many more.

2. Wen Pictures

Wen has worked across Asia during his career as an event photographer. He began his photography career in the advertising and commercial industries. However, he has discovered his true calling as a documentary and event photographer.

Wen tells stories through event photography. He handcrafts each photo from taking, post-editing, to final presentation. His clients admired his artistic ability, patience, and professionalism, and it’s no surprise that he’s worked on over 500 weddings in his career.

3. Lee Yik Keat

Yik Keat taught himself photography by following his local favourites and beginning with a mobile phone. Keat, now 25, has over 1.8 million Instagram and Tiktok followers. 

Keat’s style is based on visual poetry, with drone shots and colorful portraits. He can easily incorporate the required theme for events such as weddings, brand reveals, and other social gatherings with his talent. 

4. Vision Photography

Vision Photography was founded by Daniel Parker, a freelance photographer based in Singapore specializing in newborn, maternity, and family shoots. He also shoots engagement and wedding photos. 

Daniel is a British-born event photographer who describes himself as a fun-loving adventurer who simply enjoys telling stories through his camera. He enjoys helping people in preserving beautiful memories from the most important times in their lives.

For many years, he has photographed children of various ages in schools and nurseries in a creative, natural, and safe manner, ensuring that parents are at ease. Parents frequently refer to Daniel as the “infant whisperer” at the end of each session. His photographic art makes his subjects feel as comfortable as possible while capturing priceless moments with their loved ones.

5. Coco Creative Studio

COCO Creative Studio focuses on corporate and commercial photography and videography. José Jeuland, their photographer and art director, is a former professional triathlete turned professional event photographer. He is one of Singapore’s best photographers, with years of experience in the event photography industry.

His team ensures the success of every event—whether it’s a party, a conference, or a product launch. They also provide an artistic touch and creativity that will capture the special moments of every event using professional equipment.

COCO Creative has received several awards, including the 2020 Corporate Livewire’s Prestige Awards, Best In Singapore, and Singapore’s Finest Services.

6. Raymond Yee Photography

Raymond has been interested in photography since 2004. He is a person who enjoys having fun, which makes him an excellent choice to be the photographer for your next exciting event. 

Raymond is best in capturing small moments that often go unnoticed during large events. He is constantly praised for his creativity and passion in attending events and capturing the best moments.

7. Pan Pixels

No matter what kind of event you want covered, the experienced event photographers and videographers at Pan Pixels promise to capture the best photos and videos. Their crew is well versed in handling a range of events with a very high satisfaction rate, having conducted numerous birthdays, family, corporate, and portrait photography.

Pan Pixels’ event photographers have years of experience, an artistic eye, technical skills, and a strong desire to create unforgettable photos and videos. Their team believes that a special event occurs only once in a lifetime, so they promise to beautifully capture the moment so you can look back on it.

They also assist businesses in defining their corporate identity by supplying stunning photos and videos at corporate events.

8. ELEVEN Photography

ELEVEN Photography is one of Singapore’s prominent photography organizations. It’s a creative powerhouse founded and led by award-winning photographer Alan Lim. Alan, along with his team of decorated and talented event photographers, tell your stories in a visual form offering unique, breathtaking, and visually appealing photographs. They specialize in event and corporate photography, among others.

They believe that “Great photography should be able to speak for itself,” and that’s what they do—essentially, Branding with Photography.

ELEVEN Photography guarantees international standards of service that meet or exceed their clients’ expectations

9. Magicdow Photography

Magicdow Photography is one of Singapore’s best event photographers. They are well-known for providing professional outdoor photoshoots as well as pet photography services. They also offer family, wedding, and event photography services both locally and internationally. 

Bernard Sim, their lead photographer, has won numerous awards over the years in various genres, including landscape, silhouette, people, children, and animals. He also won prestigious Singapore and Global Sony Animal Portrait Competitions. 

The team at Magicdow Photography believes that photography is more than just capturing moments; it is also about projecting people’s most authentic emotions, feelings, and vibes in their most natural form. Their event photography focuses on telling beautiful stories through photographs by capturing real-life moments. They also believe that using natural light in outdoor settings makes photoshoot sessions more realistic and astonishing, and outdoor locations provide some of the best backdrops for photoshoots.

10. VIILevent Photography

VIILevent Photography takes pride in transforming your precious moments into works of art. The team is led by international and national award-winning photographer David Wirawan, who has developed a knack for capturing events in various disciplines such as corporate, sport, fashion, and more. 

VIILevent Photography has been one of the top choices for wedding events as they capture superb quality and impactful photographs. Clients highly recommend them for their professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service.

Some of their notable projects include being the official event photographer for the ASEAN Business Investment Summit and taking the Prime Minister’s photos from some ASEAN countries. 

11. Samuel Goh

According to Samuel, “my photographs are feelings”. Based on his portfolio, his style uses intense lighting or “Shining Light Photography,” allowing the light to showcase his models.  

Samuel’s services include wedding photography, family photography, and commercial photography. Regarding of the type of event you’re planning, Samuel can be a perfect choice.

12. Bobby Kiran Yeo

Bobby defines himself as a dream explorer, seeker of the light, and storyteller at heart. Simplicity is a dominant factor in his photos, having delivered wedding and family pictures in the most straightforward style possible. 

Bobby does wedding, family, and maternity photoshoots. He is also a certified financial consultant, giving couples a chance to manage their finances and have a great event photographer at the same time. 

13. Leslie Ang

Leslie views every picture as an opportunity to tell a story. For her, event photography is about capturing the perfect still image, adding special edits, and telling a story. Emotions come and go, but capturing them in a photograph makes the experience worth remembering. 

Leslie can photograph weddings, adventurous photoshoots, behind-the-scenes, and highlight photography, making her an all-around choice.

14. Lam Wang

Lam Wang has an ardent, generous, and burning passion for photography. He is a rising star in the event photography industry, and his portfolio demonstrates that he deserves a spot among the top players. Most of his wedding shots are adventurous, making use of foregrounds and visual settings effectively. 

Aside from wedding photography, Lam Wang is also fond of doing family photoshoots.

15. Mount Studio

Mount Studio provides professional event photography and videography services, as well as photo and video studio rentals. They serve both private and corporate customers. 

Mount studio delivers professional-looking event photographs that will make your event and guests stand out. Their event photographers not only take great photos from the start, but they also process them—giving you perfect and flawless photos at an affordable price.

16. The Digital Moments

The Digital Moments was founded by multi-award-winning photographer, Ken. He has been in the photography industry since 2006 and considers himself to be a highly experienced and professional event photographer. His team specializes in portrait, event, and commercial photography. 

The Digital Moments has over 11 years of experience in providing quality event photography and videography services through the skills of their highly experienced photographers. The team carefully selects freelance event photographers who are eager to capture only the best moments of your event.

17. Gypso Media

Gypso Media has been in the photography business since the early 2000s. The team offers professional event photography and videography services in Singapore and other countries. 

Their event photographers are all professionals with years of experience in the field, ensuring the best service possible. Their packages range from $215 to $715—depending on the type of shoot and time. 

18. Exxposures

Terran Tang started Exxposures with his background in graphics and multimedia designs. Most of Terran’s works have appeared in different international publications, showcasing his expertise in the field. He and his team are continuously honing their skills to create evocative images from a new perspective.

19. Colossal Pro

Colossal Pro has been praised for its nightlife and wedding photography and has now decided to branch out into commercial and corporate event photography. Whether it’s a music festival, symposium, conference, or a multi-location event, Colossal Pro will ensure that the best moments of your event are documented in the “best light possible.”

Over the years, Colossal’s clientele has included big names and venues like Amnesty, Bandwagon, The Lo & Behold Group, Pico, and many more. They have also covered top brands from various industries, such as Google, Netflix, DBS, Youtube, Coca-Cola, and Heineken. Their event photography package guarantees a difference in your brand, making it stand out above the rest.

20. Vivid Snaps

Vivid Snaps is a multi-disciplinary media production company in Singapore specializing in corporate video production, hybrid event live streaming, event photography and videography, and corporate photography. It’s one of the top media production companies in terms of overall core competencies, focusing on major events. 

Whether you’re planning a startup company event or a large-scale high-key ceremony, Vivid Snaps can make your event a success.

21. Bespoke Photography

Bespoke cares about your precious moments. Nothing is too insignificant for them because they believe event photography can make all the difference, whether it’s a small gathering or a grand launching. 

Bespoke boasts a team of professional event photographers who care about quality photography. They aspire to add depth of meaning and human emotion to every story. They photograph corporate events, birthdays, graduations, family portraits, and other special occasions.

22.  Minto Studios

Minto Studios is headed by experienced event photographer, Lionel Heng. They offer various visual media solutions, from event photography, video production, to live-streaming.

Lionel has been a photographer for over 10 years, working with clients like Shell, Prudential, Casio, KLM Airlines, Paradise Group and TEDx Singapore—and various local artists and entrepreneurs. 

23. Orange Studios

Orange Studios specializes in family event photography. It’s managed by a husband-and-wife team, Ryan and Wini. They’ve been photographing families and birthdays since 2013, and have been enjoying every single day of capturing joy, love, laughter, and tears in photos. 

They provide a full range of services for documenting memories that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. Consider Orange Studios if you need a photographer to cover a child’s birthday party or any other family event

24. RAINSTAR Photography

RAINSTAR Photography is a team of highly skilled and creative event photographers experienced in photographing corporate and private events. They have over 10 years of experience in sports and event photography and take pride in the fact that all of their clients are happy with what they have to offer. 

RAINSTAR Photography combines creativity and innovation, allowing them to create fascinating memories from which to reminisce about life. They ensure that your entire event is professionally captured and looks flawless. 

The team’s expertise in the field ensures that they know what they’re doing and what moments to capture. They currently offer birthday party photography, corporate photography, dance stage photography, event photography, and more. 

25. Tuckys Photography

Images by Tuckys Photography

Tuckys Photography’s works speak of passion and emotion. Over the years, the photography studio has also won several awards, including Best Corporate Videographer and Photographer, Top 5 Events Photographer in Singapore, and Singapore Prestige Award 2020. Gaining recognition in a crowded industry is no easy task, but Tuckys Photography demonstrated that it is possible.

Their portfolio features eight portrait photography types: corporate, commercial, group, fashion, industrial, sports, studio, and underwater photography. 

Tuckys Photography is one of the few that offers underwater photography. It just shows how they enjoy elevating your experience by taking your shoots to the next level. Their concepts are quite different from those of other studios, so if you have an idea, contact them and let them refine it to make your photoshoot dreams a reality.

26. Andy Chua Photography

Andy specializes in sports, underwater, and commercial photography. He can cover regional, national, and international events. In fact, he was the official event photographer for the 2016 FINA World Cup in Singapore and the SEA Games, Asian Games, and World Championships in various countries. 

His primary focus is on high-performance athletes, which results in incredible underwater shots. His underwater photography is admired because the environment does not prevent him from capturing the genuine emotions of his subjects.

Aside from sports photography, Andy also offers automotive, product, corporate, interior, portrait, event, pet, and his signature underwater photography. He helps clients by giving their brands exposure through photography. 

27. Lensman Fotography

Jason Chia started photography as a hobby, which turned out to be a great success. Hence, he started Lensman Fotography.

Whether it’s a business or social event, Jason is your guy. He accustomed himself to shooting various occasions—from VIP events to regular parties. Jason specializes in corporate, conference, convention, gala, dinner and dance, entertainment, exhibit, trade show, fashion, social networking, and sports photography.

28. Ruevan Tan

Ruevan started as a hobbyist photographer in 2006. He has honed his skills throughout the years by venturing into various concerts and gigs, and landscape photography to experiment with new techniques. He incorporates this in his professional work—which includes weddings, lifestyle, and corporate events. 

Ruevan’s skill and keen determination to constantly improve ensure that you receive a quality service that exceeds your expectations. Your photos will stand out more than you expected thanks to his expertise in the field.

29. Joel Chew

Joel’s passion took flight when he began photography at the age of 12. He experimented with various types of photography, allowing him to be versatile and knowledgeable in any aspect. His competitive nature won him numerous awards in multiple competitions.

Joel specializes in portraiture, concert photography, food photography, and event photography.

30. Jana Yar 

Jana Yar is a lifestyle photographer who founded Jana Yar Photography and Ensof Photography—both of which offer lifestyle photography in Singapore. She is a fun-loving Slovak who moved to Singapore to pursue a photography career. 

You probably have seen her food, drink, and portrait photography in magazines and blogs all over Asia. Her stunning work has appeared in several exhibitions in Asia and Europe, and she also won several international photography awards.

Jana accepts editorial, commercial, and personal projects in Singapore, South East Asia, and occasionally, in Europe. Since starting her own family, she has also dabbled in newborn, maternity, and family photography. Her style for family photography is artistic, emotive, soft, and warm. For lifestyle and event photography, she captures the fun in every moment.


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