40 Wedding Photography Ideas for Your Big Day

Wedding Photo


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Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of any wedding day, because you don’t want to miss out on capturing your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

These are the memories that you’ll cherish forever, and you want to ensure that you’re on the same page with your wedding photographer, in capturing every important moment.

Obviously, it’s important to hire a wedding photographer that you can trust to capture the key moments—you’re hiring a professional after all. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to have a clear idea of the photos that you definitely want at the end of the day.

This helps you set your expectations with your photographer prior to your wedding, and that’s a good thing. The key to any good working relationship is communication.

You might already have some photos in mind, such as a close-up of your wedding ring or a group shot with your bridesmaids. But don’t fret if you don’t, because this article is here to help you.

Here are the 40 wedding photography ideas for your big day.

Before Your Wedding

1. The Intimate Portrait

Couple kissing on their pre-wedding photoshoot event photography wedding outdoor venue
Credit: Vincent Tay Photography

Many wedding photographers will use any downtime to get posed shots with the couple, at or near the venue. Given how busy the couple is during the day, it’s often the only time to capture some quiet and intimate wedding photos together.

2. The Invitations

Invitations for Wedding photoshoot product photography cards and decorations
Credit: Gifts Of Grace Studio

Some photographers will go the extra mile to shoot the invitation cards during the wedding day. If you’re looking for additional styling (like these flowers) in the shot, let your photographer know beforehand.

Getting these wedding photos before your big day can be perfect as a buildup to your main event—share on Instagram to get the anticipation going.

3. The Getting Ready Moments

Bride having her makeup being done up by artists before wedding photoshoot
Credit: My Riviera Weddings

Get close-up shots of you during the make-up process, to show the quiet but poignant moments among the makeup artist, friends and parents—as they help you to dress up. It’s a long process to get ready for a wedding, and this should be the focus of the photographer before your wedding.

4. The Wedding Dress

Bride donning on her dress pre-wedding before wedding photoshoot
Credit: Colurhaus Photography

While you’re putting on your wedding dress, have your photographer grab a shot of the tying or zipping of the dress. Closeup and side shots of both you and your assistant will work well.

5. The Veil

Bride having her veil worn before wedding photoshoot photography event wedding photographers
Credit: Tiny Dot Photography

One of the last steps is when you wear the veil. This can be a moment of quiet exchange between you and your parents, so take the opportunity to capture these intimate moments.

6. The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids preparing and getting ready for wedding pre-wedding photoshoot photography
Credit: Andri Tei

Your bridesmaids are special people in your life, and they’re with you during the biggest day of your life. You want to make sure that they’re in your wedding photos too.

Get candid shots of them dressing up, helping out with the different activities, interacting with each other and getting ready with their own outfits.

7. The Parents

Parents interacting with the bride before wedding photography photoshoot event photographers
Credit: Annabel Law Productions

While you’re getting ready, you will have many genuine moments that your wedding photographer can capture. Make time for photos with your parents.

8. The Jewellery

Bride donning on dress with friends and bridesmaids before wedding ceremony photography photoshoot wedding event photographers
Credit: Bottled Groove Photo

This might seem like a clichéd shot, but only because it’s so good. Get your wedding photographer to take an over-the-shoulder shot of you and a mirror, to showcase your beautiful outfit.

9. The Black and White Shot

Groom having bow-tie done by friend before wedding photoshoot photography
Credit: Luma Film SG

There are serious and joyous moments in every wedding. Black and white wedding photos are perfect for conveying a serious mood, to show that this is a lifetime decision that you’re both committed to.

10. The Games

Groom and Groomsmen participating in their games before wedding photoshoot photography
Credit: Bokelicious

It’s common practice to put your groom through various challenges, so that he can earn the right to see you.

Whether it’s drinking through an elongated straw or other games, it’s important to capture the determination of your groom and his groomsmen in overcoming the challenges.

11. The Groomsmen

Groomsmen participating in games having memorable time photography photographer wedding event
Credit: Andri Tei

It’s the duty of the groomsmen to help your groom overcome the games. Capture moments where he is backed up by his besties.

12. The Game Hosts

Bride hosting games for the groom and groomsmen entertaining event wedding photography photograph
Credit: Rave Memoirs

We can’t forget the hosts behind the games—your lovely bridesmaids. Take candid shots of them issuing out new challenges or taunting your groom—all in good fun, of course.

Group Portraits

13. The Family

Family having photo together with couple during wedding cohesion photography photograph at wedding venue
Credit: Bobby Kiran Photography

This is most important wedding photo to take, and it’s best to have members from both families in this shot. After all, your wedding is the union of both families.

14. The Bridal Party

Bride and Bridesmaids having photoshoot at outdoor venue for wedding ceremony photoshoot photography
Credit: Bobby Kiran Photography

Take a moment to capture some portraits with your bridesmaids, whether candid or posed. You can use props, like bouquets of flowers, to add more variety to your wedding photos.

15. The Boys

Groom and Groomsmen having photograph together by photographer wedding photography
Credit: UnderTheStars

Take group portraits of your groom and groomsmen—you can start off with a standard shot like this, then move on to the more candid poses.

16. The Couple

Wedding Couple looking away from each other at their wedding venue for wedding ceremony photographer photography
Credit: Ivy Christina Photography

If you get the chance, sneak away with your partner for a couple of shots—just the two of you. It’s nice to take a break from the craziness of the day and a perfect time for some lovely photos.

17. The Besties

Couple having their photoshoot together outside with groomsmen and bridesmaids outdoor venue photographers and photography event wedding
Credit: Forest Productions

Get a shot of all your besties who have helped to make your wedding a success. They will appreciate having this picture to commemorate your special day.

The Venue

18. The Entrance

Wedding venue at the entrance with guests walking around the venue wedding photography photograph
Credit: Dapper Pictures

Get a shot of the entrance to your wedding venue, whether it’s a church, hotel or restaurant. A wide shot can capture all the action of people interacting and entering the venue.

19. The Reception

Reception at Wedding Venue for wedding photography photograph venue
Credit: Bottled Groove Photo

The reception area offers the best opportunity to catch your guests together, writing down messages in your wedding guest book. Have your wedding photographer cover close-ups of the decorations, like the photo album and prints.

20. The Aisle

Seats along the aisle of the wedding venue photography photograph
Credit: Dapper Pictures

This shot is a prelude to the entrance of the bride and groom, and works perfectly if another shot can be taken to show the contrast—from empty seats to a bustling ceremony.

21. The Wide Angle Shot

Wide shot of the wedding venue for wedding ceremony reception photograph wedding photography
Credit: Bottled Groove Photo

The wide angle shot is a great way to capture the full venue, to establish the settings for the story of your big day.

22. The Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth for wedding photography event photoshoot
Credit: The Knot

The wedding photo booth is a great way to entertain your guests, bringing them together in a shared activity. Before your guests flock to it, have your wedding photographer to get a shot of the booth, with close-up shots of the backdrop and props.

23. The Stage

Stage at front of wedding venue for wedding ceremony photograph photography
Credit: Mallu Farms

Just like the aisle shot, you can show the contrast of the stage before and during your ceremony.

24. The Tables

Table photo at a wedding venue of wedding photography photoshoot
Credit: Bobby Kiran Photography

This is a chance for you to showcase the table décor, like flowers, ornaments and wedding favours. Long tables make an especially pretty picture.

25. The Dessert Table

Wedding dessert table
Credit: Styled Story

If you have a dessert table set up, get your wedding photographer to capture the drool-worthy cakes and bakes.

During Your Wedding

26. The Guests

Wedding guests coming to the ceremony reception photograph photography event
Credit: Chris Chang Photography

A wedding ceremony is nothing without your guests—after all, they’re here to celebrate the biggest day of your life. Ask your wedding photographer capture your guests streaming into the venue.

27. The Little Ones

Wedding family walking in down the aisle of the ceremony photography photoshoot
Credit: Forest Productions

If you have a flower girl (or boy), amp up the cuteness by capturing them walking down the aisle.

28. The Vows

Bride meeting Groom at the front of the stage wedding photography ceremony photograph
Credit: Androids In Boots

Many weddings in Singapore will start off with a solemnisation ceremony to officiate your vows. This is a significant moment between you and your groom, so make sure your wedding photographer is well positioned to capture the exchange.

29. The Solemniser

Wedding Officiant addressing the couple at a wedding photograph photography event
Credit: Dapper Pictures

The solemniser will usually make a speech to introduce the couple and their family, before carrying on with the ceremony. Shots like this, with the couple are in the foreground, are some ways the solemniser can be shown in your wedding photos.

30. The Walk Down the Aisle

Bride and Groom couple walking the aisle at a wedding ceremony photograph by photographer ceremony
Credit: Andri Tei

This is the moment when you and your groom will feel like superstars. All the attention will be on you as you make your grand entrance and walk down the aisle together. As far as wedding photography goes, this is one of the most important and beautiful shots.

31. The Speeches

Father speech for the couple at their wedding ceremony at the venue photograph photography
Credit: Bottled Groove Photo

This can be an emotional moment as your family members or friends from talk about you and your relationship. Expect laughter and tears. All in all, this is an important moment for your wedding photographer to cover.

32. The Ring Exchange

Ring ceremony wedding venue close-up shot at ceremony venue photography photograph
Credit: Vincent Tay Photography

This is one of the most iconic moments in wedding photography, and you want to ensure that your photographer has front row access to it.

33. The Kiss

Wedding couple Bride and Groom kiss each other at ceremony celebration by photographer photograph moment
Credit: David Bastianoni

This is probably the biggest moment of your day. Be sure that the solemniser is not in the shot for this.

34. The Toast

Credit: UnderTheStars

One of the highlights of any wedding ceremony is the toast—colloquially known as the “yam seng” in Singapore. This is when everyone will raise their glasses to drink to your marriage, and is usually the source of much mirth and laughter. You want to ensure that these moments are captured in your wedding photos.

35. The Cutting of the Cake

Credit: Chris Chang Photography

Here’s another iconic moment that belongs to any wedding photo album.

36. The Dance

Credit: SGWeddingPhotography

If you’re feeling especially brave (or happy), you might want to put on your dancing shoes for a twirl with your partner. Capture the moment as you look into each other’s eyes, while swaying to the music.

37. The Laughter

Woman cheering with guests at the dinner table at the wedding reception toasting wedding ceremony photography photograph
Credit: Said & Meant

Your wedding is not just about you—it helps to reunite old friends, who might not have seen each other for some time. Be sure to catch the candid moments as they reminisce over the food and drinks.

38. The After Party

Wedding guests interacting with each other on wedding ceremony mingling event photograph photography
Credit: Andri Tei

If you’re planning an after party for your wedding, keep your wedding photographer around to capture the festivities. Expect lots of drinking and dancing, as your guests let their hair down for a night of fun.

39. The Glorious Exit

Couple celebrating ceremony at their wedding photograph photography
Credit: Carasco Photography

If you’re planning a glorious and confetti-filled exit, your wedding photographer should be well positioned to cover you walking down the steps.

40. The Getaway Car

Wedding Couple in their car leaving the wedding ceremony by photographer and photograph
Credit: La Belle Couture

You have left the building and are now in your getaway car, to enjoy your marital bliss in private. Capture the final moments as you wave goodbye to the crowd.


There you have it—a comprehensive list of all of the photos you can capture at your wedding.

Use this as a reference guide in your conversations with your wedding photographer, and highlight any shots that are important for you to have.


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