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Virtual events are likely here to stay. Even with the gradual return of physical gatherings, many event planners are looking at virtual or hybrid events (which have a combination of online and offline components) for the future.

If you’re planning a virtual event, you might be considering a virtual photo booth. It’s a fantastic way to add fun and engagement through a social activity for the whole group. 

Here are 5 reasons to have one at your online event.

In this article, we explore 8 ways that you can customise your virtual photo booth experience, so that you can achieve your goals—whether it’s creating a branded experience, collecting user-generated photos of your customers or running a photo contest.

1. Customise the Appearance

When it comes to online or offline events, presentation is key. At Ubersnap, we allow you to customise almost every aspect of your virtual photo booth’s appearance. 

To begin with, it’ll be hosted on a custom URL with your event name. 

You can also embed it onto any website with an iframe, in the same way that you’d embed a YouTube video—just copy and paste a simple line of code. We’ve seen our virtual photo booth embedded on event platforms and microsites.

In fact, we’ve embedded one right below! Go on, give it a try.




You can also customise basically everything you can see, including changing the logo, text, background image and even colour of the buttons. We even have a selection of fonts that you can choose from!

It’s incredibly flexible.

For example, if you’re planning to embed it on your website, you can change the background image so that it blends in seamlessly. 

2. Customise the Experience 

Interface of virtual photo booth, where you can choose between photo, boomerang or GIF

By default, your virtual photo booth will allow you to choose between a photo, boomerang or GIF (which is a combination of 4 photos).

However, you can customise that too, by removing any of the options.

For instance, you might want to allow only photos, because it’s appropriate to the formal virtual conference you’re planning. 

Alternatively, you might want to allow only boomerangs or GIFs for your virtual team building event, to get your audience really engaged and moving.

3. Customise the Photo Frames

Woman taking photo with virtual photo booth with customised photo frame

We’ve designed our virtual photo booth so that the first step is choosing a photo frame. That way, you can see how much space it’ll take up in the final shot, and pose yourself accordingly.

While we provide standard designs, you can replace them with up to 5 of your own customised designs.

This is an opportunity for you to get really creative! You can integrate different visual elements, including your logo, mascot, theme or colour scheme. Make it on-brand so that when your audience shares their photos, they’re basically doing the marketing for you.

Need ideas? Check out our article on how to create the perfect print design—many of the lessons can be applied to designing your photo frames.

4. Customise the Virtual Backgrounds

GIF from virtual photo booth at Digital Shilin Singapore

One of the most impressive features of our virtual photo booth is the virtual background. It replaces your actual background—whether it’s a messy room or busy cafe—with any image. That way, you can transport your guests to any place in the world.

It’s like a green screen photo booth, except you don’t need a green screen! 

Just like the photo frames, you can replace our standard options with up to 5 of your own designs.

You can make your virtual backgrounds photo-realistic, so that it looks like you’re at an actual venue; like a beach or famous landmark. Alternatively, you can experiment with patterns or graphics, like a repeating pattern of your company logo.

Pro-tip: design your virtual backgrounds with your photo frames in mind, so that they complement one another.

5. Customise the Stickers

Add customised stickers with the virtual photo booth

Stickers are a fan favourite because of how entertaining they are. You can add multiple stickers, place them anywhere on your photo, and rotate and resize them.

They add an element of fun and silliness to the experience.

You can use stickers like digital photo booth props—like funny hats, oversized glasses and speech bubbles.

Alternatively, you can create sticker cutouts of people, whether it’s a celebrity or your top executives. You’ll look like you’re taking a photo with that person, even though you might be halfway across the world.

6. Customise the Email 

After you’re done with taking your photo, boomerang or GIF, you’d enter your email to get a copy. That way, you can quickly download and share it.

You can customise the emails that you send out, to reinforce your message. Thank your guests for being a part of your virtual event and ask them to share their images on Instagram with your event hashtag. Add images such as your event banner or company logo.

Provide a link for them to click to. Perhaps you want to direct them to your online store or survey their opinion of your event. You can even run a photo contest (like a best-dressed competition), by providing a folder for them to upload their entries.

7. Customise the Data You Collect

There are times when it’s important for you to collect information about your guests.

For instance, you might be planning a virtual sales conference, and would like to collect the names, roles and contact numbers of your attendees. That way, you can follow up with them after your conference.

Or you might be organising a virtual product launch, and would like to collect emails for your email sales campaign.

With your virtual photo booth, you can customise the data you collect to achieve any of these goals. We’ll collate the information, which you can download at the end of your event.

While it might be attractive to collect as much information as possible, it’s important to get only the information that you need. That leads to a better user experience, because no one likes filling in forms.

8. Customise Your Disclaimer

On a related note, collecting data comes with responsibilities. 

With the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore, and the equivalent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, it’s important to obtain consent from your attendees.

With our virtual photo booth, you can customise your disclaimer to include your terms and conditions, and any requests for permission. Attendees will have to agree to the disclaimer before they can proceed.


By now, you should hopefully have ideas on what you’d like to customise for your virtual photo booth. 

All of the options were created with one purpose in mind—a perfectly tailored experience to help you achieve your event goals.

The best thing? 

When you work with Ubersnap, we’ll walk you through the whole process—no stress.

Let’s bring the excitement back to virtual events.