Are wedding photo booths worth it?

At this stage, you’re probably considering if you should hire a photo booth. However, you’re not exactly sure what it can bring to your wedding.

At Ubersnap, we’ve done hundreds of weddings. And we always make sure to understand why a couple is hiring us. Because of this, we’ve had hundreds of conversations and found that most of the reasons are the same.

In this article, we give you the 5 most common reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding.

Group of friends posing at wedding photo booth

Provide a fun social activity

Like most couples, you want your guests to have a fun and memorable time at your wedding. A photo booth is a great way to keep them entertained!

Remember, there will be down times at your wedding when your guests are simply waiting. It will happen no matter how tightly you plan your program schedule.

For example, most weddings start with a cocktail reception, that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Without anything to do, guests can get a little antsy waiting for your wedding to start.

With a photo booth, you will transform that antsy waiting time into a fun social activity! It’s a safe space for your guests to let loose and get goofy.

Imagine your friends, who have not seen each other in a long time, crowding into the booth for a reunion shot. Or children taking a family shot with their parents and grandparents for the first time.

A photo booth is perfect for breaking the ice and bringing laughter to the venue.

Holographic print of wedding couple kissing at photo booth

Have photo prints as your wedding favours

Let’s be honest, most wedding favours aren’t any good. How many have you received that are collecting dust in a corner of your shelf?

Stop wasting money on meaningless gifts; forget about coasters and jam. With a photo booth, you guarantee that your guests will love their souvenir.


Because the souvenir is all about them! Photo booths take photos or GIFs of your guests, and transform them into prints, magnets, coasters, flip books and even holographic prints.

There is no better way to ensure that your guests will appreciate your gifts than printing their faces on the gifts. It also becomes a reminder of the great time everyone had on your special day.

Friends having fun at wedding photo booth

Share the love with your guests

I’m sure you have attended many weddings. And each wedding would have a wedding photographer.

Now think about this – have you ever received the photos that the wedding photographer took of you?

Chances are your answer is no.

That’s because the photos are for the wedding couple, not you as a guest.

With a photo booth, it goes both ways. The photos are just as much for your guests as they are for the wedding couple.

Most photo booths have a feature to allow your guests to send the photos to themselves instantly, via email.

It’s likely that these are the only photos that your guests will get from your wedding, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness for it.

You also get to see the fun, usually unseen, side of your guests. How often will you see a grandma holding an inflatable hammer or your colleagues doing a goofy dance?

Group of friends posing at GIF photo booth

Create a themed experience

Are you having a theme for your big day?

Perhaps it’s something classic, like a winter wonderland or floral theme. Or perhaps it’s something quirky, like Star Wars or Harry Potter; we’ve seen those!

A photo booth is a perfect way for your guests to experience your theme first-hand. You can customise your props, backdrop and prints to match your theme. With a bigger budget, you can even customise the booth itself!

All of these meaningful touches add up to a memorable experience that your guests will talk about for weeks to come.

Wedding guest book with photos and handwritten note

Get a pricelessly unique guest book

Traditional guest books are expensive and boring. They are heavy tomes of your own wedding photos—but why? You already have the photos, you don’t need another album of them.

Cut the cost of the traditional guest book by not having it at all.

Instead, create a guest book with prints from the photo booth. That will make it so much more enduring and meaningful.

Your guests will have so much fun filling up the blank pages with their photos, messages and signatures. And you get a pricelessly unique album you will treasure for life.

Imagine a book filled with the faces of your guests—reminders of how much fun they had on your big day—along with personalised well wishes for your future.

We almost guarantee that your friends will copy the idea for their own weddings!


According to our couples, a photo booth can be the difference between a good and amazing wedding.

If you offer a memorable and unique photo booth experience, you can get people talking about it for weeks. Just ask one of our clients, Melissa Loh. Here’s what she had to say.

“The coolest thing is, days after our wedding, we are still receiving rave reviews about it from our friends and family as we send out the GIFs to them together with thank-you- for-coming texts.”

Would you consider having a photo booth for your big day?

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