12 Ways to Use Augmented Reality (AR) To Revolutionise Your Events

Many people shy away from using augmented reality (AR) to enhance their events, often confusing it with virtual reality (VR) and assuming that it’ll be more effort than it’s worth. But augmented reality is well worth exploring! While VR setups can be complicated and expensive, requiring physical equipment like fully-immersive headsets, augmented reality is a […]

18 Virtual Event Ideas to Boost Engagement With Your Audience

Woman smiling at laptop during a virtual event

As event planners, we’re all coming to terms with the new reality of virtual events. And while there are many differences between virtual and physical events, there is one factor that determines the success of all events. That factor is engagement. Imagine attending a physical event, and there’s no food, no drinks, no activities, no […]

8 Ways to Customise Your Virtual Photo Booth

Group of female friends using virtual photo booth

Virtual events are likely here to stay. Even with the gradual return of physical gatherings, many event planners are looking at virtual or hybrid events (which have a combination of online and offline components) for the future. If you’re planning a virtual event, you might be considering a virtual photo booth. It’s a fantastic way […]

9 Tips for the Perfect Virtual Wedding, From a Wedding Planner

Bride and groom kissing at a virtual wedding

With no clear indication of when we’ll be able to have large gatherings again, many brave couples are choosing not to wait and pushing ahead with virtual weddings.  In most cases, it’s not a replacement for a traditional offline wedding⁠⁠—but a temporary placeholder for the real thing. It’s certainly better than indefinitely postponing or even […]

Virtual Photo Booth: 5 Reasons to Have One at Your Virtual Event

Man taking selfie against white background with virtual photo booth

One of the biggest challenges of virtual events is engaging your audience. It’s far too easy for them to become passive and bored, especially if they are just watching live stream after live stream. If you want your virtual event to stand out, you need to find ways to turn your passive audience into active […]