30 Dazzling Dinner and Dance Themes for an Unforgettable Night


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The highly anticipated annual dinner and dance is a milestone event for any company. It can take months of planning, and it’s where a company comes together to celebrate its achievements, and contributions from its employees.

One of the key decisions to make, early on in the planning process, is the dinner and dance theme. That decision will determine the programme and venue styling—as well as the costumes that your guests will turn up in!

Obviously, you’d want to pick a dinner and dance theme that will excite your guests and keep them engaged throughout the night. You’ll also want to bring in a photo booth to capture those awesome moments!

As you go about your brainstorming process, here’s a list of 30 dazzling dinner and dance themes to inspire you.

Theme #1: Masquerade

Sticking to the classics, you can’t go wrong with the go-to dinner and dance theme of Masquerade. This is great for event locations with a nice exterior – specifically white colonial buildings! If instead, you’re having an indoor dinner and dance, make sure to have your walls and floors covered in red, and dress yourself in black, or a colour that matches the shade of your mask.

Theme #2: The Oscars

Deloitte Night of The Oscars Dinner – Dance | William Lee | Professional Emcee
Credits: William Lee

A sure-fire way of feeling like the best of the best, would be to bring an awards ceremony to you. This formal gala themed corporate dinner will need to star the shining colours of gold and silver. Also, The Oscars wouldn’t be The Oscars if not for their life-sized replica of the trophy as your centrepiece! Top it all off with a red carpet as your grand entrance.

Theme #3: Hawaiian Paradise

Rock-A-Hula Show in Waikiki with Luau and Dinner Options - Klook Singapore
Credits: Klook

On a more casual note, feel free to bring aspects of calmness and peace into your life in a Hawaiian Paradise themed dinner and dance. As many often reference Hawaii as the dream vacation destination, prepare a bunch of flower necklaces and tī-leaf skirts as props to get you into the zone. Make sure to use seashells as decoration or take inspiration from Lilo & Stitch or Moana for the animated side of Hawaii.

Theme #4: Las Vegas

Another great dinner and dance theme for your night-long party would be Las Vegas. As with the spirit of this gambling city, your interior would definitely have to include the iconic red and green from Russian roulette, or coasters in the design of poker chips for a more subtle decoration.

Theme #5: The Great Gatsby

13 Ideas for a 'Great Gatsby' Theme Party | BizBash
Credits: Biz Bash

A classier theme to embrace the spirit of wealth would be Great Gatsby, taking inspiration from the roaring 20s. This dinner and dance theme comes with many statement pieces including Daisy’s pearl necklace, Moët & Chandon champagne bottles, low back dresses and black suits. Maybe even prepare a backdrop with owl eyes and have jazz playing in the background to set the ambience.

Theme #6: European Culture

Majestic Zaffa Wedding at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Paris France
Credits: Party Slate

With travel restrictions still in place, why not bring travel to Singapore? Some events have styled their venues to the culture of countries like France, England and Germany. If you’re looking to capture accurate festivities, read up on Germany’s Oktoberfest, for example, and any other events you wish to host.

Theme #7: Pink Party

As the name suggests, this event goes all pink. Consider choosing pink hues from cotton candy for a sweeter atmosphere, or dimly lit pink for a punk look. For some, this pink light up works best for colour-significant events like Breast Cancer Awareness month or Pink Dot.

Theme #8: Bohemian

If you’re feeling for something totally unconventional, you can opt for outdoor event spaces. Bohemian themed corporate dinners are usually best done with cushions for chairs and handmade crafts for table decor. Since this theme premises largely on nature and the spirit of freedom, think of setting yourself in open spaces like fields, or by the shore where you are surrounded by sounds of crashing waves.

Theme #9: Toga Night

This one goes out to the lovers of Greek Mythology. If you’ve ever watched 300, or the animated film, Hercules, you may have wanted to try this on. The best thing about this dinner and dance theme would be the consistency of everyone’s outfits. Just imagine coming up to a corporate event, with everyone in a white bedsheet, sandals and maybe a rare few with a laurel wreath on their heads. It’ll look great in photos!

Theme #10: Disco Night

30 Disco Theme Party Ideas That Will Take You Back in Time - PartySlate
Credits: Party Slate

One thing’s for sure about disco parties, and that’s the unsaid rule that you will have to dance. This dinner and dance theme would definitely call for a venue with a disco ball hanging above, or with colourful floor tiles below. Remind your guests to come with big, voluminous hair, and bell bottom jeans. If space permits, consider introducing roller blades and have a go at inline skating.

Theme #11: Disney

First Look at the New Rapunzel's Royal Table on the Disney Magic | Disney Parks Blog
Credits: Disney Parks

If you look for it, you’re likely to find a Disney film that best suits your company’s inner child. With almost a 100 years in operation, movie picks range from Frozen, Peter Pan, Aladdin and many others! For the film, Tangled, there is no scene more fitting than the Kingdom Dance that you could use to lead you and your colleagues to the dance floor.

Theme #12: Winter Wonderland

Discover Event Venues And Spaces In Singapore - Inspiration & Tips | Event Venues & Spaces in Singapore | We Are Spaces
Credits: We Are Spaces

Even though Singapore may not have the 4 seasons, our experience overseas or from the movies are likely to have created a sense of magic associated with the snowy season. For this dinner and dance theme, cover your event space in snow-white cloths that drape along the floor and maybe even set the temperature just a little lower. If Christmas is just around the corner, put on some Michael Bublé for the full effect.

Theme #13: Alice in Wonderland

33 Ideas for 'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Events | BizBash
Credits: Biz Bash

The Alice in Wonderland theme is an option for those who don’t wish to grow up. Other than having more animated versions of reality—like soft bunnies and perfect mushrooms—as table decorations, adopt the colours in the film as the colour palette for the event space. For some extra fun, consider hosting a best-dressed competition where the winner is crowned the “Queen of Hearts”.

Theme #14: Burlesque

As one of the more modern dinner and dance themes, Burlesque would be the theme for you if you’re looking for a SHOW. Apart from embracing high heels and feather boas, ensure that your outfit is based in the colours, red and black. If you have the budget, set up ornate swings, a Moulin Rouge sign and red beanbags or cushions on your red carpeted floor.

Theme #15: All That Glitters Is Gold

Melania Trump oversees stylish first state dinner - UPI.com
Credits: UPI

Go for gold! Another classic would be to have your space covered in gold. Considering how loud this colour is on its own, have your guests come dressed in black, with small elements of gold. Think of gold rings, earrings, heels, watches, cufflinks and necklaces. Less is more!

Theme #16: Enchanted Forest

Credits: Annapurna Caterers

This dinner and dance theme comes as a magical spinoff of a forest in the night. Bringing the outdoors inside, you would need to gather a couple of floral wreaths and create pockets of light with the use of fairy lights. Opt for darker shades of red and green for a more ominous forest, or pastel shades of blue, pink and green for a welcoming one. Otherwise, check out Gardens by the Bay for a booking within the flower hall.

Theme #17: Carnival

Credits: Chunky Onion

Here’s to the spirit of fun and games! As with most carnivals, the attraction begins from the front door with an iconic tent-shaped archway. Past the entrance, spread the room with colours of a clown and play whimsical music. A carnival night would also not be without a main attraction – the tallest sculpture or game – and a red-and-white framed photo booth.

Theme #18: Wild Wild West

861 Barn Wedding Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
Credits: iStock

The most recognizable feature of a wild wild west themed corporate dinner would have to be the elements of wood everywhere. If you’re looking at an indoor space, switch up your usual event chairs for white or black wooden chairs. For textures, cover your tabled with flowy white clothes and add a couple of pebbles on the ground. If you want to take it a step further, dress as cowboys ready to take on showdowns in Mexico, as seen in the movies. Men will come dressed as cowboys, and girls as cowgirls. Bring your handy pistol and holster with you and post before the backdrop of a canyon and some tumbleweeds.

Theme #19: Goth

Another interesting dinner and dance theme in our list would be the gothic theme with its predominantly black colours and punk rock tunes. Alternatively, put a twist on this theme when planning for the Halloween season. Since the colour black might be easily misconstrued for a sleek look, tie the Halloween theme together with spooky decoration items, finger foods and smaller door gifts.

Theme #20: Favourite Artist

Still Need a Halloween Costume? These 7 Celebrity Ideas Are Easy to Copy—And Super Chic Too | Vogue
Credits: Vogue

This dinner and dance theme falls under the “get to know you category”. Invite your colleagues for a night where everyone dresses up as their favourite artist. Some may opt for full-face tattoos to come as Post Malone, while others may dress in the decade their singer was born. Whatever it is, meeting others as dressed by their musical taste is sure to strike up interesting conversations.

Theme #21: Marvel Super Heroes

6 Dinner And Dance Concepts To Wow Your Guests | Event Venues & Spaces in Singapore | We Are Spaces
Credits: We Are Spaces

The theme goes out to the lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dress as the different characters from each film, or come as different characters from different films and gather together like in End Game. Since all characters in the film sit somewhere in other parts of MCU, discover new theories that might just tie the different character together in way you have never expected.

Theme #22: Nautical

Credits: Vivid Snaps

Many have different perspectives of the sea, ranging from the tragedy of the Titanic, the realities of Captain Phillips to the holiday mood at modern day cruises. What you pick would determine the mood you’d like to set for the dinner and dance, but don’t forget that in any case, you should include different hues of blue and prepare tealight candles for the dark setting of the evening.

Theme #23: Gameshow

Crimson Logic Dinner and Dance 2019 | Lester Leo - Singapore's Leading Emcee - Professional Singapore Emcee
Credits: Lester Leo

Another great theme that provides a large variety of outfits would be “Gameshow”. Some interesting shows to choose from would include; The Price is Right, The Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal. For companies with many departments coming down for the corporate dinner, consider having each department assigned to a gameshow, and have the entire dinner hall turn into an assortment of games.

Theme #24: Neon Lights

Win! The Apartment 10th Anniversary Neon Party this Saturday – That's Shanghai
Credits: That’s Mags

Create a twist on the regular night club life by adding neon colours all over the dark room. Hand out glow sticks for bracelets, line cups with neon paint and have a brightly coloured balloon centrepiece. For a classier option, opt for neon-coloured lamps floating on an indoor water feature to create an artistic look. You can also consider having each colour attributed to a meaning, whether it be the different departments or different music tastes. Get creative!

Theme #25: Murder Mystery

It goes without saying that this dinner and dance theme is for those who love a good mystery hunt, have grown up with Scooby Doo or played detective in the free time. Gather your team of explorers and your personal weapon or tool of choice. One example you could consider would be dressing up as the starts in the board game, Cluedo.

Theme #26: Harry Potter

Harry Potter-themed Dinner Yule Ball December 2018
Credits: Preview

More formally known as the Yule Ball, their Winter formal is a scene you can match for reference when covering your event space for corporate dinners. With the different schools coming down that night, you have a wide variety of characters to choose to come as for your wizarding night. Apart from the prom, you could also choose to dress as the day-to-day wizard, or even, the man who shall not be named.

Theme #27: Mafia Night

A little similar to the Wild Wild West, Mafia Night leans more towards the classy and mysterious side of showdowns. Your silent killer looks should match the James Bond suits or black dresses that you come dressed in. For photoshoot ideas, prepare frames of a wanted poster and makeshift prison bars for when you’re caught red-handed.

Theme #28: Slumber Party

Credits: Kim & Kalee

A welcoming corporate dinner option would be a sleepover or pyjamas party event. Not only will people feel the most comfortable, but it would also be an easy-to-dress event. Your dining hall should have many fluffy elements including soft chair covers and pillow-like door gifts.

Theme #29: Back to School

Credits: Theme Image

On a more personal note, this dinner and dance theme can help to share more hidden details about yourself. The ‘back to school” theme invites you and your colleagues to come dressed as how you looked like in your school years. Not only will your colleagues learn more about your teen years, but they’d also have their fair share of embarrassment to laugh along with you when reliving old memories. You might even find an old classmate that you didn’t recognise after all these years!

Theme #30: Mario Kart

Check Out This Super Tap Dance Medley to the Mario Bros. Theme Music
Credits: The Dad

Lastly, the Mario Kart theme is for the young at heart. Choose from the long list of characters and dress to impress. As an inside joke, chat-up your office pals and come as couple characters like Mario and Princess Peach or Luigi and Princess Daisy.


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