30 Brilliant Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas for a Spectacular Event

Photo booth installation with 3 women posing for photo


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Photo booths are a great addition to any event. It’s a fun and interactive activity for your guests to participate in together, and you get to keep all the great memories in the form of digital photos and physical prints.

One key aspect to the experience is the photo booth backdrop. You have endless possibilities to make a splash with a unique design, limited only by your imagination.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 30 brilliant photo booth backdrop ideas for a spectacular event.

1. Interactive Live Poster Backdrop

Woman spray-painting on a live grafitti digital wall at event photoshoot photobooth interactive

Want to get your guests involved with your photo booth?

Get them to paint and spray on a live poster!

You can have your guests pose with a graffiti mural, or draw over their captured photo with a digital screen.

2. Flower Wall

Woman standing flower floral arrangement wall photoshoot photobooth

A beautiful flower arrangement can do wonders for your event.

If you are having flowers at your event, bring that same theme to your photo booth backdrop as well.

Hire a florist to create a beautiful arrangement, or ask a few friends to help you out. Perfect for an outdoor wedding in the park.

3. Standing Chalkboard

Husband Wife Couple standing posing together against chalkboard drawn DIY vertical backdrop for photoshoot photobooth

If you’ve been to your local café, chances are you have seen their menu styled on a chalkboard.

Bring that chic design to your photo booth with a standing chalkboard.

You, your friends, or a professional, can contribute to drawing on the chalkboard.

With a bit of creativity, this can be one unique backdrop for your guests to pose with.

4.  Add a Chair or Sofa

Wedding Chair Lounge Sofa Display against backdrop photoshoot for photobooth

More often than not, you will need to stand up for your photo booth.

Change it up and grab a seat. For your more casual events, have sofas or chairs with different themes—a plane, a park bench, you decide.

If you like royalty, throw in a throne with a fancy backdrop.

5. Fairy Lights Backdrop

Wedding backdrop fairy lights with flowers and wedding cake for photoshoot photobooth

Aesthetic, Versatile and Cheap.

Fairy lights are your best friend in adding a simple yet stylish feature to your photo booth.

Have it draped across another backdrop, or combine a few to form a curtain of lights.

6. Beach Party Backdrop

DIY Beach style backdrop with palm trees flowers surfboards for photoshoot tropical photobooth background

The Bahamas may be miles away, but you can still have a taste of going to the beach. Make one for your guests to take their photos in.

You can use elements like beach balls, and tropical flowers to make up your photo booth backdrop.

Ask your guests to bring some sun cream, because it’s about to get hot…

Sort of.

7. Wreaths Backdrop

Wreath positioned on table with decorations against brick wall for photoshoot photobooth at wedding venue

Wreaths are another possible addition to your catalogue of ideas.

Hang a few wreaths or have a large one for your guests to pose behind. Add flowers and other decorations for a more vibrant look.

8. Golden Backdrop

Golden Backdrop with flowers hung DIY for photobooth photoshoot for wedding event

Want to go for style?

Go for a golden photo booth backdrop. Galas and wedding ceremonies could both use something glamorous to spice things up.

Pair it with some fairy lights and you could have a dazzling photo booth to draw guests to.

9. Tree Backdrop

Frames hanging from a tree for backdrop photoshoot photobooth wedding

How about a photo booth at the park? It’s simple—just use a tree as your backdrop.

A tree with a sturdy and low-hanging branch works best for this.

Decorate it with lights and and props, and go green with this outdoor photo booth backdrop.

10. Leaf Wall

Neon Glow Green greenery wall hedge plant leaf display for photoshoot aspen wedding photobooth

Modern offices are going green. Take a page out of their book with a photo booth backdrop of leaves.

You can make it yourself or rent it. If your venue has a wall of foliage on display, you can set up shop there.

Natural and professional, these will be a great fit for modern corporate events.

11. Wax Paper Backdrop

Lady posing with bouquet of flowers against wax paper backdrop in industrial site for photoshoot photobooth wedding contemporary style

Incorporate a special DIY backdrop with wax paper.

Make a full length curtain for your photo booth with pieces of wax paper. Cut them up and string them together from the ceiling or a backdrop frame.

Add some lightbulbs to brighten the backdrop.

12. Magazine Photo Booth

Couple posing in Vogue magazine life-size booth at wedding photoshoot photobooth celebritiy

Appear in a magazine cover or newspaper of choice with this life-sized cover booth.

Imprint your brand name on the glass panel and have your guests pose for their cover shoot.

This perspective-based backdrop will draw much attention at your event.

13. Light up With UV Lights

People posing with neon lights and reflective clothing in neon photobooth uv light photoshoot night dark

Hosting an event outdoors with a lack of lighting? Use UV Lights.

These lights will make any reflective or white surface glow in the dark.

With a bit of tweaking to the camera, you can have your own neon photo booth to wow your guests. Give your guests some light sticks to pose with for even more interactivity.

14. Green Screen

FItness group posing together promotional photoshoot for backdrop green screen event promotion photobooth posing

Using green screen software with your photo booth, you can add a digital backdrop of your choice to the photos.

For brands at corporate events, add your logo to the pictures for some extra brand awareness.

15. Inflatable Backdrop

Inflatable Photobooth lighted up with instant photoshoot camera igloo at event wedding booth

Serving as a pop-up photo booth, these walls can light up with colour, and be placed anywhere you wish.

In larger rooms or event halls, setting up a photo booth can be easier with this portable backdrop.

If you are thinking of a winter theme, this could be an igloo for your guests to pose in.

16. Newspaper Backdrop

Woman posing with red balloons bunch in newspaper backdrop background for photoshoot photobooth

If you want to have a cheaper backdrop, one great idea would be newspapers.

Find an old stack, and layer them. Extend them until they reach the floor and you have a full backdrop for use.

Cheap and quick to make, consider using newspapers for a unique touch at your booth.

17. Draped Fabrics

Earth Neutral Easy Tone cloth fabric hanging from frame decorated for photoshoot wedding photobooth DIY home-made custom

Going for some earth tones? Find some pastel coloured fabrics and drape them.

Layer these together for a clean, minimalist background for your guests to pose with.

Easy on the eyes and simple in design, this is a neutral photo booth backdrop you can do yourself.

18. Book Shelf Backdrop

Library Bookshelf for academic backdrop background photoshoot photobooth posing for graduation celebration event schooling school

Celebrating a graduation or academic event?

With an actual shelf or a printed backdrop, you can put your guests in a library.

Have a chair or two, and add a trencher hat for a nice graduation photo booth. Scrolls optional.

19. Cut-Out Board

Group of guys posing together with cut-out frame instagram social media photoshoot at wedding photobooth gathering event

Print a cardboard frame to pose with!

Many companies offer customised frames of your choice, be it a Twitter or Instagram post.

Level up with a hashtag to go with your photo booth.

20. Wooden Board

Wooden Frame Board backdrop background for photoshoot at wedding photobooth with decorations

For outdoor locations and rustic venues, consider a wooden backdrop.

With some wooden palettes or leftover planks, you can easily put one together yourself.

Touch it up with some paint, decorations and lights for an upgraded look.

21. Brick Wall Backdrop

Brick Wall with overhanging frame and light bulbs decorated for wedding event photoshoot photobooth

Planning an event at a garden or bare brick venue? Use the walls as your photo booth backdrop.

Have it bare, or decorate with fairy lights and other elements to create a calm and cozy vibe.

22. Red Carpet Theme

Grammys Awards Red Carpet Walk Photoshoot wedding event occassion photobooth setup

Make your guests feel like stars with a red carpet.

Your guests can walk down the carpet as would a movie star at the Grammys.

You can grab some velvet queue poles to recreate the feeling of an actual red carpet walk for your photo booth.

23. Vinyl CDs Backdrop

Vinyl CD retro style photobooth for classic vintage theme wedding event photoshoot homemade DIY design

Make your photo booth stand out with this exquisite disc backdrop.

Arrange old vinyl discs on a plain background or wall of your choice.

Works well in a disco or retro-themed event.

24. Aerial Bed Photo Booth

Aerial Bed Shot ohsnapsmile photography photoshoot at corporate event casuual photobooth

Bring the comfort of your bedroom to your photo booth.

Suspend a camera over a bed, and have your guests take their photo lying on the bed looking up. Add pillows and other props for your guests to pose with.

If bringing a bed is too much for you, you can hang a blanket with pillows for your guests to pose in front of.

25. Window Frame Backdrop

Window frame peeking out couple wedding shot for photoshoot photobooth outdoors garden design

Bring a window set piece into your photo booth. Guests can peek out from behind the set, like those you see in plays.

Hang a window frame, or put up a whole wall with a window or two. Make it yourself, or find a specialist to do it for you.

26. Face Cut-Out Board

Cyclist backdrop background cafe cut-out promotional poster posing for photoshoot photobooth event stand

Bring the fun of a carnival to your photo booth, with a face cut-out.

With a cleverly cut picture, you can look like a sailor, soldier or cyclist with this unique set piece.

Add in a hashtag for your guests to share their photos with.

27. Wall-of-Balloons

Wall of Balloons display art piece decoration for event photoshoot wedding corporate photobooth minimalist

If you have spare balloons lying around, hang them together to form a balloon wall.

It is easy to set up, and adds a unique touch to the photo booth with what you can easily purchase at a low cost.

Some companies offer custom-designed balloon backdrops for your photo booth as well.

28. Vintage Van Photo Booth

VW Volkswagen customized rented for wedding theme corporate outdoors event photoshoot for photobooth designed homemade retro DIY

If you are having your event outdoors, and already have a vintage van or bus on site, turn it into a photo booth with some props and a curtain

With some retrofitting, you can have your very own mobile photo booth.

29. Parasols Backdrop

Parasol decorated backdrop background for couples wedding event corporate photoshoot photobooth scenic decorative art piece DIY homemade affordable

Parasols can make up an affordable and special backdrop to incorporate at your event.

They can be secured by a frame or strung up from the ceiling.

Both as an art piece and photo booth backdrop, your guests are sure to be intrigued by it. Bonus points if you can find traditional ones for use.

30. Action Shot

People posing for photo ski lift outfit theme winter sports event photoshoot promotion photobooth

Lights, camera and action!

With a few smartly placed props, you can make your guests look like they are performing a dangerous stunt on a skateboard, or admiring the scenery from their ski lift.

For brands delving into sports, travel or food, this is a brilliant concept for your photo booth.


There are an infinite number of ideas to create an eye-catching backdrop. Use your venue to your advantage, or build a backdrop up from scratch. The end goal is to engage your guests as best as you can.

Looking for a partner to create an exciting photo booth experience with? Let’s talk.


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