30 Noteworthy Corporate Headshot Photographers in Singapore


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First impressions determine whether you can make connections and get the job you want. And when you’re promoting your personal brand, a high-quality corporate headshot is essential.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to find a photographer for your corporate photo shoot. But we’ve found 30 of the best corporate headshot photographers and studios that you can trust to make your first impression great!

1.   Ubersnap

Ubersnap provides a unique corporate headshot service. Instead of going to their studio, they’ll bring their studio to you!

Unlike other studios, you can also get your headshot instantly—no waiting time required.

The team is behind LinkedIn’s “Rock Your Profile” roadshow—bringing a full-fledged studio experience to multiple events. It was so well-received that over 50% of the attendees wanted to get their portraits taken!

2. Ejun Low Portraits

Ejun has won several international awards alongside earning accolades from the Federation of European Photographers, and serves as a committee member of the Professional Photographers Association in Singapore.

Having worked with corporations and individuals alike, this corporate headshot photographer is versatile and accommodating.

His studio has an eye for bringing out personal aesthetics with unique work environment settings.

3.  Pan Pixels

With over 7 years of experience, Pan Pixels is endorsed and recommended by numerous other acclaimed photographers for clients who need a studio that’s prepared for any type of corporate photo shoot.

This studio is highly collaborative, taking a customized approach to realizing your goals.

Pan Pixels loves capturing action shots, so if you want to show off your abilities as a public speaker or networking agent, they’ll get dynamic and flattering photos.

4. J Studio

As one of Singapore’s leading corporate photo shoot studios with over 20 years of experience, J Studio has worked with prestigious clients like Shell, SGX, and American Express.

This studio thoroughly confers with each client to match their branding.

J Studio loves to work with professional environment shots, showing how each client shines in their work setting.

5. ABC Photography

With 16 years of experience, this well-established corporate headshot studio was acclaimed in 2021 as one of the 40 Best Photography Studios in Singapore—and Top Photography Studio in Singapore!

ABC Photography works with tons of different settings and goes on-site for events.

Poses, backdrops, settings, props, lighting—every photo from this studio looks creative and thoughtful!

6. Mount Studio

With founders who boast combined experience of over 15 years in the industry, Mount Studio has worked with big clients such as IBM, Costa Cruise, and JCube.

This studio offers a more fine-tuned selection of corporate photos: headshots, on-site, and full-body.

The variety of stunning backdrops to choose from show the studio’s artistic side and make for memorable shots.

7. Ted Ng (TedSnap)

Ted has provided his impeccable work for clients like Linkedln, EGO, and Accenture. He also won bark’s Certificate of Excellence in 2021.

People love to work with Ted, with his lighthearted personality that helps subjects relax and give their best smiles.

Ted has no problem fully utilizing his creativity with props and outfits whenever it remains professional for the individual’s field!

8. COCO Creative Studios

While the quality photos speak for themselves, this studio has also earned the 2021 CorporateLiveWire Singapore Prestige Award, along with commendations from “Best in Singapore,” and “Singapore’s Finest Services.”

Alongside traditional photography services, this studio also offers branding and graphic design.

When you look through the studio portfolio, every corporate headshot is different, featuring various colors and creative poses, but all look professional.

9. John Lim Photography

John has 19 years of experience and several awards under his belt. He won first place in Wedding & Portrait Photographers International and numerous “Honors of Excellence” awards.

This studio provides drone photography, on-site hair and makeup, and more.

John Lim makes a special effort to show personality through professional headshots through uses of color, setting, and expression.

10. Firefly Photography

This studio has been turning out amazing photos since 2012, and they’ve collaborated on photography productions with large organizations like Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Singapore Flyer.

Firefly Photography provides a user-friendly site with clear pricing packages and many options.

This studio pairs background color with each subject’s outfit, skin, and hair color. And they aren’t afraid of expressive poses.

11. Caleb Cheong Photography

With a strong start like an internship with The Walt Disney Company, the high quality of Caleb’s work now that he’s gained 13 years of photography experience is no surprise!

Caleb goes on photography tours and is therefore able to provide his services in a broad range of locations.

This photographer is versatile and able to handle classic corporate headshots alongside outdoor compositions, group shots, and events.

12. White Room Studio

This studio was voted Best Portrait Photographer in Singapore according to Tatler Singapore for 6 consecutive years! They’ve also been commended as the Best Portrait Studio by “Singapore’s Finest Services.”

This welcoming, family-run studio provides a variety of studio and natural environments for their subjects.

White Room Studio has several different architectural elements to use in their compositions alongside the creative use of light.

13. Shutterturf

Shutterturf allows you to find the specific portrait photographer with the style and credentials that are best suited to your needs, and they have an amazing track record of good reviews from corporate photo shoot clients.

Alongside a variety of adaptable price listings, Shutterturf provides a vast array of photography styles and settings as well.

This studio offers a variety of background and lighting combinations to help accentuate what makes you unique.

14. Johna Photography

Who better to handle your professional headshot than an experienced photographer who’s worked with clients like SONY, Razer, Singapore Turf Club, and Fujifilm?

The extreme versatility of this photographer translates very well to corporate headshots—you’ll get photos that show the real you!

This portrait studio has experience with many big-name clients and offers all kinds of settings to exemplify a client’s professional persona and specialization.

15. The Beautybox Studio

With a background of 23 years’ worth of photography experience, The Beautybox is officially considered to be one of Singapore’s leading photo shoot and professional makeover studios.

Customers love the way this studio makes them feel relaxed and offers on-site styling.

Every client gets their own unique environment, background, and lighting technique that accents their best features.

16. Exxposures Photography

This studio boasts a stunning portfolio with noteworthy clients such as Deloitte, eBay, Peugeot, Laura Mercier, and Siemens.

Exxposures Photography offers a selection of specialized professional portraits such as editorial, fashion, and team photos.

This studio has no problem experimenting with a variety of light, neutral, or dark backgrounds in order to get the perfect shot.

17. Chong Jun Liang

Jun Liang has been an active photographer for over a decade and applies his knowledge to teaching photography students as well as providing clients with excellent corporate headshots and event photos.

A background in photojournalism empowers this photographer to capture active, compelling portraits.

This photographer specializes in unique settings that demonstrate a client’s profession as opposed to removed, classic headshots.

18. Danny Santos Photography

This highly-recommended photographer has worked with clients ranging from Random House Publishing and the Singapore Tourism Board to BHP Billiton and PayPal.

This photographer has flown to numerous locations for shoots and values collaboration.

19. Bespoke Photography

Bespoke Photography has an impressively broad portfolio, working with clients all around the world. They’ve worked with Omnicom Group, Electrolux Professional, and Shopee, among many others.

This studio ensures that their clients feel comfortable and have the opportunity to use props to communicate their skills.

Clients can choose from a unique variety of settings here, and the studio professionals will advise on what looks best.

20. Theresa Olesen Portraits

Theresa works as a corporate headshot photographer based out of Singapore and London, having earned awards from prestigious organizations like SWPP, The National Photographic Society, and The Guild of Photographers.

Clients who come here enjoy professional on-site makeup and no time limits!

This photographer pays special attention to the use of posing, color, and composition to bring out the best in every client.

21. Irina Nilsson Photography

Irina has worked as a professional photographer since 2007, starting her own photography business in 2010 to offer a diverse range of corporate portrait and lifestyle photography services in her own studio.

This photographer focuses heavily on consultation and collaboration to create each client’s ideal look.

Some photographers struggle with balancing their clients’ expressive use of color with professionalism—but Irina balances it all with backdrop and lighting.

22. DGT Portraits

With nearly two decades of experience in portrait-focused photography, DGT Portraits offers excellent corporate headshots that reflect the subject’s true personality—many of which are skillfully composed specifically for LinkedIn.

Clients rave about this studio’s attention to detail and efficiency while shooting!

The unique pose, setting, and well-timed lighting in this photo put a creative twist on a professional picture.

23. Tatiana Yankovskaya  

Tatiana has over 10 years of experience in photography alongside 8 years of experience in using her skills to support highly professional business and branding images—and this deadly duo makes her an excellent corporate photographer!

This photographer collaborates with clients to find the best way to represent their corporate values.

Tatiana doesn’t shy away from creativity with professional headshots—she emphasizes individuality.

24. Roy Tang Photography

Roy Tang has 30 years of experience, and has explored many different styles and settings in order to better hone his skills as a corporate headshot photographer.

Roy will photograph abroad, and his versatile background prepares him for all kinds of photography conditions.

The photographer’s personality shows through in their choice of lighting—but especially in their eye-catching compositions.

25. Suasti Lye

Suasti has had a passion for photography since a very young age, gaining plenty of well-rounded experience that results in stand-out corporate headshots and branding photos. 

This photographer can work with an impressive array of settings and travel locations.

Some might fear that a white background would be too stark, but this photographer uses it to bring out the best in the client’s expressive posture.

26. Portrait Gallery Photography

This studio’s portrait photography team includes numerous award-winning photographers, and together they put more than 30 years of experience to work creating incredible corporate images.

The studio aims to capture many photos for a streamlined session, but is flexible and open to booking for longer.

27. Dirgan Fasa

After traveling the world as a digital Influencer, Dirgan leveraged his years of worldly experience towards perfecting his corporate headshot photography skills to capture the best of each subject.

This photographer’s willingness to meet with clients in various studio or outdoor settings is ideal for a stand-out photo shoot.

Dirgan’s appreciation for the artistic side of photography is clear, and makes for beautiful and memorable corporate photos!

28. Bambini Photography

This studio’s 13 years’ worth of experience shows in their gorgeous photos—not to mention a client portfolio that includes Huggies, Singtel, Bells and Birds, and Nestle.

Bambini Photography provides a guide to help clients choose between light or dark backgrounds and offers helpful advice.

The angled pose and textured background show a bit of the studio’s special take on corporate photography—clients get professional yet eye-catching photos.

29. Juliana Tan Studios

Juliana Tan has been winning awards and gaining exhibitions for her stunning work since 2012, placing as a finalist in the Invisible Photographer Asia Photobook Awards and winning the International Photo Awards in Kuala Lumpur.

This photographer has plenty of field experience and can skillfully adapt each portrait.

The intense lighting and higher-contrast background makes for memorable portraits. The photographer’s artistic touch will help clients stand out!

30. Boban James

With experience taking quality portraits of everyone from hopeful new entrepreneurs to full-blown celebrities, Boban has worked with clients such as SAP, AIG, and BCG Digital Ventures.

This portrait photographer is known for making photo shoots painless, and he’s willing to travel to get the ideal shot. 


Your corporate portrait is your crucial first impression in the digital world, whether you’re doing it in a home studio or getting it done by a professional photographer. By considering what makes each photographer or studio unique, you’ll be able to find the one that best fits you and your professional goals. After pinpointing the right studio, follow these 15 essential tips on how to ensure the best possible results.


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