Event photography is everywhere but invisible. At every event—whether it’s a wedding, corporate dinner or product launch—you’ll see photographers hard at work. At the same time, you’ll pay them very little attention. They’re just there—doing their jobs and blending into the background.

And that’s the problem.

Event photography has become so widely accepted (and expected), that we rarely stop to think—why are we hiring photographers?

Most importantly, how can we make event photography better?

Here are the problems with event photography, and how you can fix them.

Problem #1: What’s the Difference?

If you’re a client looking for an event photographer, you’ll quickly realise that every photographer is saying the same thing.

They are experienced professionals.

They provide the best images.

They use the best equipment.

And you can barely tell their images apart—because beyond a certain standard, they’re all good enough.

Some of them have stylistic differences, and that might be important to some clients. Based on our experience, it matters less than you think.

In this situation, you should look at factors they don’t usually talk about, but are actually key deciding factors.

Communication, speed of response, reliability and punctuality—these are all qualities that’ll determine a successful working relationship. Unfortunately, these are also qualities that are very hard to determine beforehand.

One solution is to work with reputable agencies or studios (representing multiple event photographers), to reduce your risk. At Ubersnap, we launched Pronto (our event photography service) with hand-picked photographers for all of these qualities, not just the quality of their images.

Problem #2: Where’s the Excitement?

There’s a school of thought that event photographers should be invisible. Like ninjas, they should blend into the background—getting their job done without disturbing the scene.

We agree that certain situations call for that approach.

But we also believe that in other situations, event photography should be an experience. It should be fun, interactive and create excitement. Event photographers can contribute to the overall experience of your event; just like your service staff, performers and entertainers.

The problem is that you can’t create excitement when nothing is new. And event photography has been the same old for a long time.

That’s why we’re introducing new experiences for Pronto, our event photography service. For the first time, you can take not just photos, but GIFs of your guests. These can be instantly printed out into holographic prints.

Photos and GIFs are uploaded to a live gallery, instantly and wirelessly. You can create an immersive experience by showing it on a single large projector, or multiple screens around your venue.

Imagine multiple photographers covering different locations at your event, with all of their photos synced up to a single live gallery. Suddenly, event photography becomes social entertainment for your event, because you can see not just your own images, but those that your friends are taking.

The key to generating excitement is by providing the unexpected. Pronto helps you tap into the potential of event photography to create an exceptional event.

Problem #3: Where’s My Photo?

Too often, event photography fails in its basic purpose.

Think back to the times when you were at an event; maybe it’s your friend’s wedding, or a company dinner.

Invariably, you had your photos taken by a photographer. Unfortunately, you never saw any of them.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It happens so often—we don’t get our photos—that we’re surprised when we do get them. And if you think about it, that makes absolutely no sense.

What’s the purpose of hiring an event photographer to take photos of your guests, if not to give the photos to them?

We think this is the biggest blindspot in event photography, right now. And it results in so many missed opportunities; whether you’re looking to provide a positive experience or generate word-of-mouth marketing.

It’s frustrating for guests too—we’ve heard so many complaints about this issue.

Traditionally, event photographers will have to bring the photos back to their workstation, select the photos and edit them—before sharing them with their clients. We’ve seen waiting times between several days to several weeks.

That’s way too slow.

Our solution is simple. Every guest should get his or her photo, right away.

We’ve achieved that by creating a whole new process, backed by our custom software.

Right after our event photographer takes a photo of you, an assistant will show you that photo on a tablet—which is automatically edited. You can enter your email address to get a copy of your photo, immediately.

Problem #4: Where’s the ROI?

Social media marketing with event photography

Event photos have incredible potential to help you generate word-of-mouth marketing and social media buzz.


Because people love sharing about themselves. And when they share their photos from your event, they’re sharing about your brand too.

It’s an organic way to get your guests to start conversations—the holy grail of marketing.

Unfortunately, that had been out of reach due to problem #3. There’s a huge difference between getting your photo immediately—when you’re the most excited and likely to share it—and getting your photo 2 weeks later, when the buzz is over.

With Pronto, you can realise the potential of event photography in generating marketing ROI. Photos (and GIFs) can be instantly edited to include your brand logos and visuals, which are then blasted out into the world by your guests.

We think this will fundamentally shift the way people think about event photography and its purpose.

It’s no longer just about documenting your event—and maybe uploading the photos onto Facebook as an afterthought.

It can be used to start brand conversations, in a natural and unobtrusive way. It can generate FOMO, when your guests share photos of having an awesome time on social media.

We think it’s so powerful, that event photography will become an integral part of any good marketing strategy.


We take many things for granted and never stop to question the status quo. Event photography is one of these things.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Event photography can be so much more than it is right now. It can be fresh and exciting, contributing to the overall experience of your event. And it can help you generate marketing ROI, forming an integral part of your strategy.

We’re dragging event photography (kicking and screaming) into the digital age, by tapping into the latest technology and software. And we’ll like you to come along with us.

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