Customised virtual photo booth for 9Academy


9Academy is an educational platform for young professionals, providing practical knowledge and skills for their development. They wanted to host an opening event to kickstart a 4-month education program.


Since the event had to be virtual, 9Academy wanted to provide a way for participants to create shared memories together, through photos. Hence, they engaged Ubersnap to achieve that objective with Cosmo, our virtual photo booth solution. 


We started by creating a customised virtual photo booth experience, with the 9Academy branding. This included not just the user interface, but also custom frames and stickers. 


Participants could add these elements to their photos, and it provided a fun and interactive experience for them. It also helped 9Academy raise awareness when the photos were shared—integrated Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons made it easy to do so. These could be configured with a pre-composed message; for example, to encourage participants to share a campaign message or hashtag.


In addition, we created an online gallery that was shared among the participants—so they could see not just their own photos, but all of the photos from the event. This was important in creating a sense of community and shared experience. 

“Ubersnap provided a unique branded virtual photo booth for our event and our participants could save all the memories and emotions in photos, GIFs and boomerangs. I would strongly recommend Ubersnap’s service because of their attention to detail, fast response and reliable service.”

Baycho Georgiev, Co-founder of 9Academy

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