Instant corporate headshots for LinkedIn's roadshow


As part of their “Rock Your Profile” roadshow, LinkedIn wanted to bring a full-fledged photo shoot experience to their events—to provide guests with studio-quality headshots they could use for their profile. In the process, this innovative experience would build LinkedIn’s brand as a destination for professionals to network and find opportunities.
LinkedIn had two requirements:
  1. They needed a compact studio that could work within the space constraints—such as a 3m by 3m conference booth.
  2. Guests had to receive their portraits on-the-spot, due to the transitory nature of events—there would be no opportunity to contact them after the event.
They wanted to work with Nimbus because:
  1. Nimbus was designed to be a mobile studio that could fit anywhere, while being fully equipped.
  2. Guests could view their portraits on a tablet—right after they were taken. They could then enter their email addresses to receive the files.
LinkedIn was able to provide a highly unique and valuable service for their guests—instant professional headshots, for free. They created significant excitement and goodwill, with word-of-mouth pulling in visitors to the booth.
In several events, more than 50% of the turnout had their portraits taken with Nimbus.

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