Collage of portraits taken for Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health in Singapore wanted to create a national awareness campaign, to encourage vaccination against COVID-19. They wanted to accomplish two important goals to kickstart the campaign.


  1. They needed studio-quality portraits of ordinary people who had just received their vaccination. These photos would be used across multiple campaigns targeting all demographics, and integrated into visual assets like infographics and posters.
  2. They wanted everyone to receive their photos on-the-spot, branded with the campaign logo, to encourage sharing of the message across social media.


The Ministry of Health engaged Nimbus, our corporate photo shoot service, to achieve these goals. With Nimbus, they could work with mobile studios with professional lighting setups, brought to the location of the event.


Across three vaccination centres and a weekend, we delivered over a thousand portraits—creating a repository of photos that could be used for their campaigns.

Right after the photos were taken, they were immediately displayed on a tablet—with the campaign logo—for preview. Participants could enter their email addresses on the tablet, to receive the photos instantly. This created an engaging experience, and encouraged more people to participate.


Traditionally, participants would have to wait several days to receive their photos. With the proprietary system from Nimbus, they could get their photos immediately—making it more likely for them to share their photos (and spread the message) across social media, due to the immediacy.

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