As part of the launch of AirSense, UNIQLO wanted to create a roadshow to create a memorable experience for their customers and spread awareness of their new line of office wear. Customers would be able to try on the jackets and have a professional headshot taken on-the-spot.
UNIQLO decided to work with Nimbus for a couple of reasons:
  1. Due to the space constraints for their roadshow, they wanted to work with a mobile studio that could fit within a small footprint—without compromise in the quality of the headshots. To achieve that, we worked with a full-fledged three-light setup within a 4m by 4m space.
  2. They wanted customers to receive their headshots instantly, since it wouldn’t be possible to contact them after the roadshow. With Nimbus, customers could view their headshots on a tablet right after they were taken, and receive the files via email.

Over a period of three days, we delivered thousands of headshots to key influencers and customers. With the unique experience, UNIQLO was able to attract a crowd to their roadshow—thereby achieving their goal of increasing awareness of AirSense, both online and offline.

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