Central Provident Fund Board

The Central Provident Fund Board was planning their annual promotion ceremony, where their guest of honour would present the awards to recipients on stage. 


They wanted a photography service which could capture the moments on stage, as well as create a memorable experience for their recipients—to mark an important milestone in their careers.


The Central Provident Fund Board decided to work with us, in order to tap on the unique features of Pronto:


  1. They wanted to add a custom border to the photos instantly, to commemorate the important occasion.
  2. They wanted recipients to receive their photos instantly—in the form of digital files and 4R prints—because they believed it was an important keepsake for the recipients.


These goals were achieved with Pronto’s proprietary software.


  1. The photos were instantly branded with a custom border, designed specifically for the occasion.
  2. The photos were instantly displayed on a tablet, and an assistant approached the recipients with the tablet to preview the photos. Thereafter, they could enter their email addresses to receive the digital files immediately.
  3. The photos were printed out instantly, and were ready for collection within a minute.


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