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COMO Dempsey

COMO Dempsey is an upmarket lifestyle destination, combining several restaurants with a retail space. For the holiday season, they wanted to create a special experience for their customers, to celebrate their bond with the community. To achieve that, they worked with Pronto, our event photography service, over two weekends—Christmas and New Year.


COMO Dempsey decided to work with us because they wanted to accomplish a couple of goals, which would not have been possible with a traditional event photography service.


  1. They wanted the photos to be memorabilia for their customers, to mark the occasion. To that end, the photos had to be branded instantly with a custom border, to commemorate the occasion with their logo.
  2. They wanted customers to get their photos instantly, to encourage sharing on social media.


These goals could be easily achieved with our proprietary technology.


  1. With Pronto’s software, photos were instantly branded with a custom border—designed by COMO Dempsey—for brand building.
  2. Photos taken by our event photographer were instantly displayed on a tablet. An assistant would approach the customers with the tablet to preview the photos. Thereafter, they could enter their email addresses to receive their photos on-the-spot.

In contrast, a traditional event photography service would require several days to edit the photos—losing the impact of immediacy. In addition, customers would likely never see their photos.


This is a paradigm shift in what can be achieved with event photography. It’s not just for documenting an event, but for creating a memorable event experience. 

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