To celebrate the launch of their Fall collection, Moschino hosted an exclusive event to bring together their key influencers and customers. This was both a showcase and social gathering— with models unveiling the collection to an intimate performance by a harpist.


Moschino decided to work with us for a couple of reasons:


  • They wanted a photographer to document their event, capturing the key moments of the unveiling and interactions between their guests.
  • Beyond just photography, they wanted an experience that would engage their guests and create excitement.  

With Pronto, we were able to achieve these goals by making photography social.

  • The photos were instantly displayed on a large screen with our live projection, sparking conversations as guests were featured in turn.
  • An assistant would approach the guests with a tablet, so that they could view their photos and receive them via email, with live sharing.
  • 4R prints were given out as memorabilia for the event, and they were branded with a specially designed custom border to mark its significance.

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