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Singapore Night Festival




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The Singapore Night Festival is the premier outdoor performing arts festival. As part of the 10th anniversary, the National Museum of Singapore appointed us to achieve three objectives:

  1. Add a memorable experience to engage visitors.
  2. Provide branded animated prints for visitors to bring home.
  3. Collaborate with visitors to create branded content, that could be shared on social media to build awareness around the event.

We accomplished all three objectives during the 4 nights that we were present. 700 GIFs were taken over a total of 16 hours and word-of-mouth led to a crowd around the photo booth. Visitors were willing to wait up to an hour to experience it, showing the appeal of the service.

In total, visitors generated 500 downloads and shares to Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. The high rate of sharing can be attributed to two reasons:

  1. Consumers are twice as likely to share user-generated content with family and friends. Brands can naturally insert themselves into conversations by co-creating the content.
  2. On-the-spot sharing. GIFs are instantly uploaded to our web gallery, encouraging visitors to share when they are most likely to – right after they have experienced the photo booth.

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