30 New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Ideas for an Unforgettable Party


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Every New Year’s Eve begins with a fantastic party—and regardless of the way you dice it, a photo booth is paramount to ring in the new year!

To help you get your next New Year’s Eve photo booth right, we’ve prepared 30 fresh ideas, all-inclusive of party hats, bubbly flutes, and sparklers to help you dive right into your party mode!

1. Classic

Credits: Party DQ

Yes, we’re out with the old and in with the new, but this New Year’s Eve photo booth is timeless. Boasting the essentials of every New Year’s booth, we have a celebratory banner, a table adorned with clocks and a bottle of wine in an ice bucket to top it all off!

This photo booth idea is for anyone who’s playing it safe. It’s a slightly more conservative design especially with its dark-colour scheme, so you can be rest assured that you won’t go wrong with this one!

2. Balloons

Credits: Courtney Offutt

What’s a party without balloons? Consider getting these white balloons attached on glittery streamers, or glittered balloons. The best part of this New Year’s Eve photo booth idea is how hassle free it is. Simply let the balloons steal the show, and get your guests to strike a pose!

3. Retro Streamers

Credits: Linda Tezinha

We’ve decided that there’s no better time than the new year to do something a little more exciting—here’s a retro tassel backdrop for all you hippies out there! Don’t just stop there, buy yourself or your guests a rainbow fringe festival jacket to coordinate with this look.

4. Disco

Credits: Life’s little celebrations

We’re not all so fortunate to witness the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop, so why not create our own disco ball to signal the new year? We’ve outgrown the usual mirror-tiled disco balls and we’re shifting to niftier metallic disco-balloons for a neater look.

Scrambling to find props for your disco-themed photo booth? Bring the sparkle to the party by providing your guests with a disco ball headband! Regardless of who your guests are, this look is sure to dazzle them away.

5. Confetti

Credits: Pushkar R

Less bitter, more glitter! This New Year’s Eve party is going to be amazing and it starts with your love for glitter. Start investing in your party flakes—no one’s ever too old to sprinkle these for a rad photo booth, and you should definitely make it rain!

If you’re a little less excited for the clean up after the party, what about party streamers? They make a neat look-alike, and bring a pop of colour to any party just the same!

6. Giant Champagne Bottles

Credits: Big Beryl

Time to toast to the new year! These giant champagne bottle balloons are the new trend, and the magic is in the arrangement of the balloon bubbles overflowing from the bottle.

7. Feather Boa

Credits: iStock

Feather boas have been a costume staple in clubs for years and they’ve been making a comeback at parties. A centrepiece for any New Year’s Eve photo booth, let your guests’ inner showgirls shine with this accessory! Simply find a classy simple backdrop, prepare your feather boas and let your guests have fun with it.

8. Party Hats

Credits: Party City

If you’re wondering—no, we’re not too old for party hats. Who ever said these fun props had an expiry date on them! Stack up your New Year’s Eve hats as a centrepiece and prep some for your guests to pose with.

9. Fancy Glasses

Credits: Etsy

This year, we’re going to spice up our guests’ photo booth by providing them a range of novelty glasses—New Year editioned! With these fancy glasses, they are sure to be the finishing touch to any of your guests’ outfits.

10. CD Backdrop

Credits: Revista Artesanato

Are you still into the ‘80s—neon lights, big hair and bell bottoms? If so, then this CD backdrop photo booth is just for you! Use nylon strings to secure the CDs together, and accessorize each string with beads and stones to give your backdrop a more luminescent look.

While not the simplest to execute, the dazzling end result is sufficient to make all your effort worth it!

11. Hanging Frames

Credits: Venue Lust

You’re not going to want to miss this one—our first outdoor New Year’s Eve photo booth! For this idea, you’re going to string up european-styled vintage frames, adorned with floral garlands.

Aside from being a perfect retro photo booth idea for your guests, photo frames are a reminder of memories from our past year—such a graceful way to transition into the new year!

12. Fairy Lights

Credits: Lauren J

For this next New Year’s Eve photo booth idea, we want to invite all your guests to write down their New year’s resolution and to clip it onto this gorgeous fairy light, tulle garland fixture.

13. Metallic Fringe

Credits: Lazada

When the lights dim, and your party spotlights come alive, these metallic fringe curtains will be the star of the show! If you’re looking to fill up some space on your wall, get a poster to add a little more grandeur to your New Year’s Eve photo booth.

Spice your booth up further by adding pompoms as props. This photo booth is fun, classic and overall simple enough to put together within a day.

14. The Great Gatsby

Credits: VCD Party

Who can forget our all-time favourite Gatsby—a symbol of the ostentatious American Dream? We’re talking old money outfits, white rose bouquets and an overall gold-black display.

This New Year’s Eve photo booth is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a jazz era meets masquerade party type of look. While it’s definitely not the easiest to pull off, it’s sure to look like a million bucks to all your guests!

15. Gold Sequins

Credits: Lazada

Add some glitz to your photos by having a gold sequins photo booth. You can even DIY it—you never know, it could be a great bonding activity for you and the kids!

16. Marquee Numbers

Credits: Dreams Time

Doesn’t this give off a type of super-club vibe? Get your guests to pose in front of these gigantic, life-sized number stands against a simple backdrop—fairy lights against the wall will do.

This is a New Year’s Eve photo booth concept that requires little work and works well for anyone with a large photo booth area.

17. Neon Lights

Credits: Amazon

What’s a party without neon lights! Get yourself a gorgeous neon sign to light up your party—it’s eye-catching, neat and works perfect if your party’s held in the dark. If you’re looking for a backdrop, a silvery sheer curtain with shimmery patterns will pair nicely with your neon lights.

Prepare glow-sticks for your guests to pose with to add to the overall neon theme of your New Year’s Eve photo booth!

18. New Year’s Tree

Credits: Laura’s Little Party

Do you leave your Christmas décor up all through the new year? Well, we’re guilty of that too! Don’t let this golden opportunity go to waste—simply repurpose your original Christmas tree and transform it into a New Year’s Eve photo booth.

To absolutely follow through with this concept, you’re going to need a list of new year props to transform your festive tree—fake sparklers, a ‘Happy New Year’ sign and most importantly, a new year hat!

19. Bar Cart

Credits: ForRent.com

It’s time to wine it up—what’s more festive and appropriate than a bar cart! Adorn your cart with your favourite drinks—champagnes are a must, flute wines, an ice bucket and some party hats to top it off.

For an added elegant look, have a nautical wooden clock on a tripod for your guests to pose at when it strikes midnight!

20. Glowing Ice Buckets

Credits: Cierra Powell

Everyone’s had a frat party phase, right? Either way, this one’s a classic—set your drinks into a transparent ice bucket, and hide your glow-sticks under the ice to create a low maintenance glow-in-the-bucket photo booth layout.

21. Glow-in-the-Dark Balloons

Credits: Dress Lily

These glow-in-the-dark balloons are to die for! It’s a classy simulation of the fireworks for an indoor party, and works wonderfully if you’re looking to take some flash or silhouette type of pictures.

When the clock strikes twelve, get cuddly with your other half under these colourful balloons and snap a picture—you’re sure to get a gorgeous photo of a lifetime!

22. Bubbly Bar

Credits: Hostess with the Mostess

It’s the new year and we have got to keep things bubbly! Create your very own, New Year’s Eve inspired bubbly station. Start this booth off with the essentials—your champagne flutes, a glittery ‘Bubbly’ centrepiece sign, and your dark bottles of wine in ice buckets.

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, simply add some nectar coloured mixers, white string lights and a clock ornament to top it off!

23. Black, Silver and Gold

Credits: Polka Dot Bride

Let’s bring it back to the basics! Every New Year’s Eve photo booth should be centred around these colours—silver, gold and black. For this aesthetic design, we have streamer curtains to frame the table, triangle garlands and a splash of white balloons across the floor.

24. Sparkly Bottles

Credits: Craftionary

Not sure of what props to adorn your photo booth table with? Try these spectacular fairy-lit bottles! A super simple idea to execute, we’d recommend this New Year’s Eve photo booth idea especially for those who love collecting glass bottles—the wider the array of coloured bottles, the merrier!

25. Dessert Booth

Credits: Play Party Plan

Introduce a splash of colour into your New Year’s Eve photo booth through prepping a confetti themed dessert table. This is perfect for all of you with young kids at home (baking can be such a great family bonding activity), or if you’re into baking—add some colourful sprinkles to your cupcakes or even fruit loops onto your pop tarts!

As for the backdrop, try a holographic fabric display to match your desert table and some multi-coloured metallic party hats and even portable spotlights to make your booth pop!

26. Paper Rosette Backdrop

Credits: Elvam Design

These paper rosettes are such a gorgeous way to start the new year with! They look so glamourous against your wall. Adorn your photo booth with an added ‘Happy New Year’ sign and voila—you’re all set!

27. Balloon Arc

Credits: Shein

Balloon arcs are fundamental to any party, being both artistic and fun! To recreate this look, you’re going to need a balloon stand arch, and your balloons.

28. Star Garland Décor

Credits: The Paper Chronicles

Every New Year’s Eve photo booth needs a garland, and this one’s just for you! With these star garlands intertwined with fairy lights, your backdrop will look magnificent for your guests to pose with.

This photo booth idea actually works great for other festivities like Christmas, Halloween or birthdays too—it’s absolutely versatile!

29. Floral Backdrop

Credits: Carmela Events

Maximalism is the go hard or go home trend when it comes to events, and we want to help you make the most out of it. A new year signals new beginnings, and this spring inspired floral backdrop gets you just the fix for it!

With the spread of colours that this photo booth serves, you won’t leave a single guest disappointed. Some photo booth décor you can consider are floral crowns, hair pins, or even boutonnieres for your male guests!

30. Memory Lane

Credits: Bollywood Shaadis

Take a trip down memory lane by asking your guests or loved ones to hang up key milestone pictures from the past year—string them together and voila! You’ll have your very own ‘trip-down-memory-lane’ photo booth filled with your guests’ key memories.

This is not only a great New Year’s Eve photo booth concept, but is also such a meaningful and great way to spark conversations!


New Year’s Eve is an official call for you to gather with all your loved ones—so eat, drink, pose and go wild with your celebrations! We know that documenting your last day of the year is of utmost importance, so let this list give you some inspiration for your next New Year’s Eve photo booth.


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